Did "Sideways" cause you to buy more Wine?

My Local NBC Affiliate (11 Alive Atlanta) keeps recycling a story on rising wine prices. It mentions in short that more educated consumers, and better marketing have caused the need to increase the selling price.

I wonder, and therefore propose to you fellow dopers… Did Sideways cause you to buy at least one bottle of wine?

You can count a Bottle of Merlot as 2 :smiley:

No, but I had plenty of wine as it is. I need to drink some more before buying.

And, for the record, I like merlot.

I’m very chauvinistic: since I come from Australia, most of the wine I drink is from Australia. However, one of these days I’ll get around to trying a good bottle Californian m****t. (Asterisks with due deference to the spoiler, not because I have a thing about 6-letter words). So count me for a potential 2 extra bottles.

Did “Sideways” cause you to buy more Wine?

No, but it does cause us to make snooty remarks about the delicate, thin-skinned Pinot grapes, and stick our noses way down in the glass when drinking wine in restaurants. Then he makes some dismissive remark and I say, “Well, I thought it was pretty good.”

Well, I wasn’t much of a wine drinker before the movie, and still am not, so no.

I find it surprising that the movie would make people want to drink more wine. Miles’s obsession with wine was a symptom of some serious mental/social damage - not something we should be emulating.

No. I already had a rather large cellar. I did love his comment, however, because I have always hated that wine, at least as a varietal.

It did inspre the wife and I to take our delayed honeymoon in the Santa Ynez Valley, but we studiously avoided any place that had been mentioned in the film. :smiley:

In theory, I’m with JerH.

Wine was almost an antagonist in that movie.

But the film did make wine seem romantic at the same time. It did make me want to go on vacation to wine country…

Not more wine, but I did need several bottles of scotch to drown my memories of this film. shudder

No…it did cause me to think that a vacation to wine country would be the most boring experience ever.

Not really, but now I’m on the lookout for Pinot Noir just so I can try it out.

But Merlot is still the kind I drink most.

And yes, Every time I think of Merlot, I think of Miles(whose name I can’t remember, so I usually just think of Paul Giamatti) little rant. I even catch myself doing it.

Yeah, but the curly blonde haired lady said some pretty sexy stuff about wine…mmmmm
I haven’t noticed an increase in my wine buying, but I do try to keep my ordering of Pinot Noir down in bars, I don’t want them to think I am buying it *just * becuase of the movie. (Why yes, I am insane. Why do you ask?)

No and I’m not much of a wine drinker anyway, but it did make me want to get nasty with Sandra Oh and Virginia Madsen. :smiley:

Nope. I’ve bought one bottle since seeing the movie (a cheap Shiraz that had fermented a touch too much), and it’s pretty well in line with my buying habits.

Now, if the recent Supreme Court ruling is cunningly applied to overturn the more stringent Maryland statute (which is that you can’t get any crates shipped to your house, whether local or interstate origin), then I’ll be buying more.

My side note: I haven’t liked merlot for a while now, it being a wine that I can’t just drink on its own. A decent merlot/cabernet blend, though, is alright by me. I also just drink. I don’t stick my nose in the glass, swish, spit, or in any other ways try to find great nuance. Passing a little air over my tongue while drinking is fair game. If anything, that movie could only set back the popular swell that wine had gotten as a drink that doesn’t have to be snooty.

On the contrary, I thought his preoccupation with wine was one of his only redeeming qualities!

I wouldn’t say I bought more wine as a result of seeing the movie. I would say I saw the movie because I drink too much wine.

I hadn’t noticed wine prices rising. I’ve always been a bit of a bargain shopper in re wines, anyway. And no, my wine buying and consumption are, as far as I can tell, unaffected by the film. I though the brunette woman that hooked up with the Hayden-Church character made a pretty effective case for wine drinking (and, uh, smoking), though. But the other waitress hook up counter-balanced this argument.

With a father-in-law who was in the winery business, I’ve been drinking virtually anything red, especially merlots…so I really haven’t bought any extra wine.

But the movie makes me want to (on a dare) grab a dump bucket and guzzle from it! :eek:

re: the famous rant, in the spoiler box. I have a theory about people’s reaction to that line, as a function of their wine sophistication.

  1. I don’t geddit. What’s merlot?
  2. I don’t geddit. I like merlot.
  3. [stewie]Omigod…that is like, so funny. Because all those people who are so pseudo-sophisticated in their wine drinking who suddenly decided that merlot was soooo the only thing to drink…I despise them. That is so funny.[/stewie]
  4. I don’t get it. There are many fine merlots.