Did Somebody Forget About Kurt Russell?

He’s never featured in any movies anymore, and although Im a guy through and through, I enjoy his performances!

He’s got those eyes, good looks, chiselled chin and everything neccessary to be another John Wayne. What happened?



3000 Miles to Graceland didn’t count? Plus he was in Vanilla Sky.

Kurt Russell? I thought he was dead.


There’s a been new Russell in town - Russell Crowe.

Anyone remember him way back when he made a guest appearance on Gilligan’s Island? He was such a cute little boy!

People figured out that he’s not a very good actor? And he didn’t have the martial arts skills or build to be a mindless action star where acting doesn’t matter?

Yeah, the American public, and I don’t think we’re in any great hurry to remember him either.

That’s what he gets for Escape From L.A.. Soldier and 3000 Miles to Graceland.

So what you’re really saying is that you’ve never seen Tango and Cash?


Goldie remembers.

I LOVED Tango and Cash. Best Stallone movie and ONLY Russell movie.

-cough- **The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes -cough-
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Have it? I own the DVD! The best of Stallone’s intellectual phase (meaning he played a lot of characters that wore glasses).

“Rambo was a pussy.”
“Do you screen all your guests this way?”

Sheer comedy.

Speak for yourself. He’s said he’s done a lot of bad movies to make money to raise his family (which included raising Goldie’s two kids, Kate and Oliver Hudson). He’s more than redeemed the bad movies with movies such as Tombstone, Backdraft, Big Trouble in Little China, Swing Shift, Silkwood, The Thing and Used Cars.

He’s a model husband, father, working actor, human being. Are you half the man he is, or is your great claim to fame putting down decent people on Internet message boards?

Correction: I realize that he and Goldie aren’t “married in the eyes of ghod” but they may as well be, hence the “husband.”

I love Kurt Russell. Some of his films are specific “guilty pleasures” of mine. (Not cinematic classics, but I loved them nonetheless.) “Soldier” and “Overboard”, to name two off the top of my head. When I got a DVD player one of the first DVDs I got was a copy of “Soldier”. It’s a corny movie with a comic-book plot, but damn I loved it anyway! He almost had no dialog in that movie (he played a stoic “super soldier” from the future) and he was great.

Yeah. I love Kurt Russell.

I like a lot of the movies he is in, but I just don’t think that he was really great in any of them. Tombstone was fantastic but Russell was completely upstaged by Kilmer and several other people in that movie. Same with Backdraft.

I haven’t forgotten about him. He’s still one of my favorite actors.

Wow, I was gonna come in and say I’m Kurt Russell’s number one fan, but Equipoise’s defense of Kurt surpasses anything I coulda said! Kurt rules!

Now if you’ll excuse me, my copy of Stargate just came in the mail from deepdiscountdvd.com and I’m itching to see how it looks on my big screen :slight_smile:

Breakdown from 1997 wasn’t too bad, either. The thing is, if Kurt Russell is ever in a bad or mediocre movie, it’s not bad or mediocre because he’s in it. Though he really should stop doing them.