Did something lay eggs on my window?

I noticed this odd, fuzzy patch of tiny green spheres on my window this morning. (Picture)

The dimensions of that stripe are about 1 x 0.25 inches (25 x 6 mm) That’s a macro shot, but I didn’t put anything in there for scale.

Anyone have a clue what it is? My first impression is an egg cluster from some sort of insect. But I’m no entomologist.

Those are insect eggs. I can’t tell you what kind.

Happy news, those are not cockroach eggs. Now you get to wait and see. :slight_smile: Send pictures of young’uns please.

One of the bug lovers.

spider eggs

I thought spider eggs were nearly microscopic. At least much smaller than that.

They’re from a big spider. A BIG spider. Outside of aerodave’s window. With just a flimsy screen between him and them. :smiley:
Actually, the spiders’ eggs I’ve seen have been in roughly spherical silk containers. The ones in the OP are probably not spiders. (Not that I actually know; just going off of what I’ve seen before.)

I’m wondering: Could they be moth or butterfly eggs?

Johnny, I think you might be on to something. A google image search of butterfly or moth eggs leads to results that look very similar: pale yellow or green arrays of tiny spheres closely packed.

I’m fairly satisfied that’s what it is.

Pity. I was looking forward to a thread about giant mutant spiders tearing at your screen. :smiley: