Did Suzanne Somers Wear A Wig on "Three's Company"?

I was talking to someone and the show came up. He insists that Suzanne Somers wore a wig for the role of “Chrissy.”

I think he’s wrong…

Anyone have any ideas of which is correct?

In the opening scene of the first couple of seasons Jack Ritter falls off a bike while staring at a pretty brunette walking away from the camera. Said brunette was apparently Somers in a wig. So technically she did wear a wig for the show, but only once and not in character.

She was the blonde in the T-bird in American Graffiti, and her hair there was the same as in Three’s Company. I suspect that as the series advanced, it was augmented with falls and such, just to vary her appearance somewhat.

She also posed for ***Playboy ***with essentially the same hairstyle and color.

When I see actresses with a whole lot of hair, I always assume it’s enhanced somehow. In the days of the Beatles, I labored mightily to get the deep bangs and ‘bump’ , like Jane Asher and Patty Boyd, and of course that style required a little help. Heather Graham in Austin Powers had more hair than I could believe!