Did the pubbies break the law at the RNC?

Just asking.

I dunno.
You going to make a citizens arrest?

Oh jeez, Reeder, use just a little common sense, will you? The presidential seal travels with the President.

On ESPN2 right now, Foreman has Ali on the ropes. You may think you’re Ali, but you’re really Foreman. PLEASE, adjust your reality meter.

Probably not. Notice, from the statute you quoted, the requirement of intent:

Strangely enough, the Republican Party is in the process of nominating the incumbent President of the United States, as chosen by the Electoral College (with a small assist from the Supreme Court, of course), to run for a second term. He is entitled to use the seal in connection with his official duties.

Do they claim to be sponsored or approved by the Government in a way the Democratic Party is not? I think not – for many of them, their opinion of themselves is often jingoistically exclusivist as regards patriotism, but they certainly are not claiming any official status beyond that which they undoubtedly enjoy – that the incumbent President and Vice President, and majorities in both houses of Congress, are members of their party.

Did you see something in particular that struck you as a definite misuse of the Great Seal?

Was it a crime when Clinton did it in 1996?

Just asking.

I answered this to my satisfaction in about five minutes of web research. Why Reeder couldn’t have done the same is beyond me.

Was it a crime when Clinton did it in 1996?


I’m disappointed.

I’ve come to expect better from you, Reeder.
Surely, that is a sign of mental illness that I should have looked at…

I apologize for that. God as my witness, I thought we were in the pit.

Mea culpa.

No, Reeder, it wasn’t. And I’ll tell you why.

The White House has an office that handles protocol. It is staffed by civil servants that carry over from administration to administration. They’re not beholden to individual presidents. And their job is to advise on the appropriate use of symbols like this.

Maybe you’d like to criticize Bush now for sending greetings to my twins, to honor their birth, signed by him and Laura?

To be honest…I thought I was in the pit when I posted it.

As to the OP…I was just asking.

I hope it has been answered to your satisfaction.

Remember…your disgust at seeing the seal there is not a measure of its appropriateness.

If 'twas in the Pit, do you honestly believe you would have been getting the restrained and polite answers you’ve been getting here?

What disgust?

Forgive me if I was wrong. I was guessing as to your emotional state.

I’m betting I was close though. :wink:

Perhaps we should invite two Guest Dopers debate the issue, Michael Moore and Bill O’Reilly.

Ya think?

Heard today on NPR that all sorts of Bush Admin bureacratic actions to the detriment of the Republic are to be found in the output of the Federal Register, and are poorly covered by the news media.

If Reeder were to peruse this publication, he could no doubt find loads of stuff to discuss that would be more fruitful than obsessions about the proper use of the great seal of the United States.
There’s only so much anti-Bush mania one can balance on one’s nose before the crowd tires of it and goes elsewhere.