Trump and the spoofed presidential seal

Laughed at this yesterday:

Short version: Trump gave a speech at a conservative student event. Behind him, the event folks were showing an image of the Presidential seal. but, in their all-too-quick Google-Image search, they had accidentally (so they claim) picked a parody version of the seal: the arrows in one of the eagle’s talons were actually golf clubs, the olive branch being offered by the other talon was a wad of cash, and the eagle had two heads, duplicating the Russian state seal. Clear image of the seal they used can be found here.

Best was the text on the ribbon, “45 es un titere”: “45 is a puppet.” :smiley:

We know.

For some reason the other thread starter put it in the pit, for those who really want to tell that seal how they feel I guess?

Even hours after the story broke, people were saying that you couldn’t find that version of the seal in the first few pages of a google search even with specific terminology. Which lends a lot of credence to the theory that it was a deliberate act and not some a simple mistake.

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On Reddit there is an Ask Me Anything with the guy responsible for the altered seal.


Here it is!