Did They Ever Give Manuel's (Fawlty Towers) Last Name

I know Polly’s last name was Sherman, I don’t think Terry’s (the Chef) was mentioned either.

I thought Basil consistently referred to Manuel as “Awasteofspace”!

C.K. Watt

I got that!

No, no, him manager.

Qué? I know nothing!


I also think we don’t know the Major’s first name.

Terry’s surname is often given as Hughes. I don’t know if it was stated in an episode, but I’ve seen it in multiple sources.

Is no easy.

I read it in a boooook.

Naughty Moose!

I chhit you on the chhhead with a chhhammer.

Is no rat. Is filigree Siberian hamster.

He want to kiss me!

You are a h-h-hideous orangutan.

Polly had an American accent. In rhyming slang, Sherman stands for Sherman Tank - Yank.

Farce is full of silly names.

You are orally men?

Connie Booth is American, but she was definitely using a British accent while playing Polly. I won’t presume to comment on the quality of that accent.

You put Basil in the ratatouille?!