Did they redub Mr. Peabody & Sherman?

When I saw the new Thor movie they showed an early preview for Mr. Peabody & Sherman. I was shocked and appalled (I’m easily shocked and appalled) that instead of the expected Mid-Atlantic accent Mr. Peabody sounded just like Phil Dunphy. Ty Burrel seemed to make no effort to sound different, and it was jarring. However, I saw a more recent preview and Burrell sounded much more like I expected. Did other people complain so they rerecorded his lines or did I just imagine it?

I don’t know if they changed the voice, but I don’t like the one I heard this week in the trailer, nor the voice for Sherman. I might have been interested in seeing the film, but on the basis of the trailer, I think I will pass.

You know who could have killed as the voice of Mr. Peabody? Alton Brown.

Yeah, Burell’s still terrible. No desire to see this.

I want to [DEL]see[/DEL] hear the guy who played Brother Mouzone do Mr. Peabody.

Michael Potts.

My kids (7 and 9) love watching old Rocky and Bullwinkle episodes on Netflix and are appalled that the movie uses 3-d animation instead of the classic cartoon style. They refuse to go see it (which is fine by me; it looks terrible).

Plus Mr. Peabody calls it “the way back time machine.” Wasn’t it just the “way back machine” in the original?

“WAYBACK machine” shown once in the show. More commonly spelled “WABAC” by fans. Cf. “Eniac”, “Univac”, etc.

We old-time fans remember that it was the WABAC Machine (undoubtedly a nod to early computers like UNIVAC and ENIAC) in the original. However, the old cartoon wasn’t always consistent, and “Wayback Machine” was also used.

Gotta dumb it down for the doofuses using their cellphones throughout the whole thing so they don’t get lost after twitting LOL IM AT TEH MOVIEHS for the 15th time.

All the trailers I’ve seen, he and Sherman just call it “the Wayback”. There is a line where Sherman tells somebody, “He calls it ‘The Wayback’. It’s a time machine.”

Wasn’t this originally titled simply Mr. Peabody? The early ad campaign that was plastered all over every bus stop in town (“He’s leaving his mark on history”) made no mention of Sherman.

It will be difficult to pass up Mel Brooks as Sigmund Freud. :slight_smile:

There’s an original? This is a remake of something? I had no idea!

Does the phrase, “Kill moose and squirrel” mean anything to you?

Oh, I know! It was from that movie with Jason Alexander and Rene Russo.

I am posting with children.