Did Toon Disney edit (Blur) an episode of X-Men?

My son discovered a new channel on our cable last night: ToonDisney.

Last night, as I was getting him to bed, I was watching an old episode of the X-Men Cartoon with him.

I had seen some of them before, but I don’t recall this one. It was the second of a two parter about Proteus.

During the scene where Moira’s husband is speaking to the crowd, and being watched by Beast and Rogue, Beast is reading a book backstage.

The title of the book is blurred out!

Any idea what it said and what the story is behind the editing? (I am wondering if it is about evolution!)

I have the original Fox broadcast and the title is blurred out there, too.


According to TV.com, it’s “The Making of the President 1968”.

I wonder what the motivation was for the censorship. Lack of permission from the author, perhaps?

That reminds me, “The Making of” is unblurred.

The rest, obviously " President 1968." is the blurry part.

A Link of the book in question.

Perhaps. A WAG is that they didn’t want to blatantly date the comic.

Wil, my e-mails to you have bounced back three times! I’m not ignoring you!

I wish we got Toon Disney. I’d love to see The Tick and all the Marvel cartoons again.

I doubt that. The cartoon came out in the 90’s and he was reading a book that came out in the 60’s.

I think that really plays to Beast’s character (which annoyed me in the cartoon, by the way…)