Did we ever find out why McCain owns so many houses?

Does he really use them, so they are each sitting vacant 90% of the time?
Or are they investments or tax shelters? Or in his name but houses for family members and mistresses?

His wife is filthy rich

He and his wife are incredibly rich. When you have that kind of money you have multiple homes.

Why does a dog lick his workplace acceptable euphemism for testicles ?

They put up some of their grown kids in them, and often have guests over, and some are vacation houses IIRC.

Hmm. I don’ t know. How many homes does the dog own?

Seeing as he couldn’t remember how many he had, he would be hard pressed to remember why each was bought.

(1) Ranch in Sedona. Vacation.
(1) Condo in Arlington used by McCain while he’s in Washington.
(1) Condo used by Cindy’s aunt.
(1) Condo for their daughter.
(2) Condos in Phoenix, in the same building. One is their primary home, the other is smaller and probably used when people visit.
(2) Condos in San Diego. Vacation, need two because “they [their children] used it so much I couldn’t get in the place”.

I agree that for rich people, additional homes are no big deal. Lots of people invest in real estate, so why not invest in useful real estate? Especially once you reach the level where you are spending $1000 a night on multiple hotel rooms whenever you travel.

That is true. I know several people that have more houses/condos than that but it is much more complicated than being frivolous. Some of them may have been bought when real estate was very cheap as investment properties. Others may be vacation properties that get rented out most of the year so that they turn a profit. Some are to help family who may pay for most or all of the expenses.

Or he could just be a conspicuous and wasteful consumer.

:rolleyes: or you think everbody should live at your level of conspicous and wasteful consumption.