Did Weird Al ever do a parody of "Love Shack"?

Just wondering.

Weird Al never did a parody of Love Shack, but did include it on one of his polka medleys on the Off The Deep End album.

I’d like to make a parody of it, because I often cross the Nooksack River.

It’s hard to parody stuff that doesn’t take itself too seriously in the first place, and Love Shack is a pretty light and bouncy song. He’s more likely to do an original song “in the style of” as he did with Devo, or just add it into a polka medley like mobo85 said.

Over a decade ago, my church showed a promo video titled “Church Camp” which was a dead-on parody- not cheesy & half-assed at all. One of the coolest things I’ve seen & I’ve never been able to hunt it down.

How can you parody a self-parody?: “I’ve got me a car that’s as big as a whale…/I’ve got me a Chrysler that seats about twenty…”

I guess it could be a mini-van. A Suburban?

I initially misread that as ‘my church showed a porno video titled “Church Camp”…’

The Simpsons got the B-52s to make their own parody, called “Glove Slap.”

I’ve heard a morning radio parody called ‘Butt Crack’.

Oh the butt crack
is a little ole place where
butt cheeks come together!

“…and this one time? At Church Camp?”*

Weird Al did a song about Ron Popeil which was done in the style of the B-52’s. But it was years before Love Shack came out.

Ah, yes. I found the tune on YouTube, but it has some weird Japanimation to go along with it and not the original Simpsons video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edF51dMpsYI&feature=PlayList&p=F77EAB4B87892FA6&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=10

There was a parody called “Radio Shack” on Dr. Demento that I heard some 20 years ago. The only thing Google found for me was a post on Slashdot that references the song’s lyrics, but not the artist.

Yup, it was called “Mr. Popeil,” off the 1984 “in 3-D” album. More similar to “Rock Lobster”. Wiki says “Love Shack” came out in 1989.

I listen to it for years without realizing it was supposed to be a style parody of the B-52’s until about 2 years ago. :smack:

Bob River’s did a Christmas song parody called “Toy Sack” that’s pretty danged funny…

This videois not by Bob Rivers, but it’s kinda funny.

Yup, I heard this one in Detroit back in the day. Started off something like:

“If you see a guy workin’ by the side of the road, he’s showin’ 15 inches of BUTT… CRACK! Butt crack, yeah…”

(I occasionally sing it to my kids. It annoys them. SCORE!)

And it featured Ron Popeil’s daughter singing backup.

I remember hearing it once on Dr. Demento. It wasn’t by Weird Al. They had to stop playing it because Radio Shack threatened to sue.

I just realized it from reading this thread. It’s so obvious now that I know.

Do you know whose style “Velvet Elvis” is based on?