Did you buy or plan to buy a new car?

What kind? My wife and I recently bought a 2016 Honda HRV EX and we love it!

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samclem, moderator

I’m planning to buy a car this summer; probably some kind of Subaru.

I am going to need a new car soon and I think I may go with a Mazda CX-5. They are a really good deal and rate very highly in the small SUV/Crossover class. I always find my eyes drawn to them when I see them around because they are really attractive and look to be much more expensive than they are. They are also supposedly really fun to drive.

If I can convince myself that I don’t need an SUV, I am tempted to get another BMW 3-series. Those are my ultimate sedan and I love them with all my heart but I am not sure they are practical for my needs right now. Maybe next time.

We bought a 2016 Mazda CX-5 last summer and love it. The only complaints are that the cup holders are inconveniently located and the nav system is clunky.

Same here. I’m just waiting for the right time, perhaps in the fall, when they’re trying to dump stock. I’m going to go for the top shelf this time, I think, which ups the ante somewhat, but it may be my last car, so what the hey. I also need to sell my 2011 Prius, which only has about 17,000 miles on it, which should be easy in Portland.

Will buy a 2016 Honda Accord.

New here. I will learn from these corrections.

Cool which trim?

I recently bought a 2016 Honda Civic EX-T. I love it! The dealership, not so much.

Congrats! I hope you didn’t get the extended warranty and prepaid maintenance. We said no to all.:slight_smile:

no extended warranty, but the song and dance they performed to induce me to sign was quite entertaining. It involved the general manager coming in to the discussion to warn the financing officer that this was the LAST ONE he could give this deal to :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Ah that old trick in the book. As long as you’re happy with the car…

I’m buying a 2017 Ford Escape, as soon as the dealer incentives get better (currently just $250).

I can’t afford a new car, but I do need to buy a used car, since my previous car, a 2000 Ford Escort, was totaled by a hit and run driver.

All I need is a small car. I don’t need or want a lot of bells and whistles, heck, the Escort didn’t even have power windows. All I want is good gas mileage and not too high of an oil consumption rate. Color, make, model, are not important.

I just ordered a 2017 Fusion Energi, but I’m lucky and only have to pay the corporate lease rate (my first time being able to use this benefit in my company). Platinum or Titanium level (I don’t recall which). White, but not the version of white that I’d have to pay extra for, and I opted for the interior that’s not black (really, color names are quite outrageous these days).

Honestly because it’s a company car, though, I don’t know whether or not I’ll feel that “it’s mine.” I do have a company car now (and I have to pay for it), but I also have a driver (required in this country), and due to the inflexibility of arranging his time, I have no feeling that “it’s mine.”

I was checking out the current batch of small SUVs and liked the CX-5. My wife has the current Rav4 which I also like and is a bit roomier. The CRV is also nice but just didn’t feel as sporty as the others.
The one I’m waiting to see now is the redesigned 2017 Tiguan. Turbo engine and bigger than the past models.

I wanted to buy a Rav-4. The problem was that when I started shopping, I found that Toyota had discontinued the six cylinder option, which is pretty close to a deal breaker for me.

So now I’m looking at other crossovers that offer a six cylinder. The problem is they’re rare. I’m not really crazy about the Subaru Outback or the Chevy Equinox. I’m even less enthused by the GMC Terrain. And I don’t want a Jeep (I made that mistake once).

I’m open to suggestions.

If that’s the case, you can afford a Mitsubishi Mirage, even a brand new one.

A 4 cyclinder with turbo can be matched with a v6. How much power do you really need?