Did you/do you have a life plan? Are you following it?

Some people try to plan out their whole lives. Finish their degree in year whatever, blah blah internship, travel, start having babies at this point, and so on. Other people appear to drift, or be more spontaneous, planning nothing. Perhaps some people have clear direction in one aspect of their lives, but accept that they’ll take their chances in other aspects. Then maybe there are people who claim to have few plans, or perhaps don’t actively think about them, until something contradicts the vague life-picture in their heads and they are forced to think, I guess I did have a plan.

Do/did you plan? What for? (e.g. career, marriage, travel) How far ahead, if at all? (i.e. a week, a year, ten years, fifty years…)If you planned a ‘life schedule’ of sorts when you were younger, do you find that this was useful? Are you still ‘on schedule’? Are there any planners among us who deliberately through away the plan?


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