Did you ever find a website that you know has cool stuff and you shouldn't buy anything

Uline will stop sending it if you ask.

If you live in/near the Twin Cities, go visit Ax Man Surplus. This is exactly the kind of junk they carry. It’s been many years since I lived there, but it was always fun to browse around one of these stores - and occasionally I ended up buying some obscure thing that just couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Surely you would rather buy a used fire truck?


For fire trucks:


Need a train, a real one? Ozarkmountainrailcar.com

A caboose perhaps or personal luxury car?
Track laying/repair equipment?

I live about 10 miles from one of the RepurposedMaterials sites :smiley:
I’ve also visited the one they used to have in Atlanta.

It’s so cool, and it makes me wish I was a good crafty-builder type!

Oh god @Zyada , why, why why did you share that link. I have things to do today.

Anyone need a 1.5 gallon mustard dispenser?


ETA: From the Q & A section:

Uline: “Liz and Richard Uihlein are megadonors to conservative and Republican causes. The company and its employees have also extensively donated to conservative and Republican-affiliated political action committees; they were among the largest contributors to political campaigns during the 2020 election cycle, contributing over $31 million before June 2020.”


Speaking of swine, I’m always fascinated by the latest issue of New Pig Spill Containment catalogs. I have no idea why.

There’s a sandwich truck currently under $700 which is a good price without the sandwich feature.

And I found a cheap ambulance in Texas perfect for a cross-country race.

And an actual stream engine! Although they are overcharging for shipping IMO considering it can just drive home.

There’s just something wrong about “shipping” a train. They should call the delivery charges “training”. :grin:

Dear gawdz, imma roll up a newspaper and swat you.

Forestry Suppliers, where you can buy a flame thrower. In a past life I bought a bunch of axes and tools from them.

For those train modelers who like to work in 1:1 scale, I presume.

The GSA use to have a huge warehouse full of government surplus stuff in Auburn, Washington, they would have auctions every 3 months or so. I would buy cars for a few hundred dollars, do some minor repairs if needed and sell them. Then there was lot #13 at one auction. It was a pallet of metal 5 gallon buckets. The buckets were full of nuts, bolts, washers and assorted other hardware. I won lot #13 for $26. After paying I went to collect my pallet of stuff. Then I found out the auction was not for one pallet of stuff, it was 18 pallets of stuff. Besides nuts and bolts, there was traffic control boxes, heavy duty electrical stuff and more. I rented a U-Haul truck and it took me 7 trips back and forth over 2 days to get it all home. Sold off some of the stuff at a garage sale and broke down some stuff for scrap. I made about $1500. After that I read the sales brochure before bidding on anything. The GSA moved there surplus sales division to Oregon about 25 years ago which is a good thing. I only live a few miles from the site today.

I worked for Fisher Scientific in the early ‘90s!
(Lab equipment maintenance and repair)

When Celtling was little we used to buy all kinds of random stuff from A.S.S. and use it for scientific experiments and craft stuff. Once I got some magnets so strong they were seriously unsafe. I just wanted big ones, not 700lbs of force!

I also found a medical supply place where real stethoscopes were cheaper than play ones. So I got her a full set of stuff like the little rubber reflex hammers and such. Even a little white coat with her name on it. So much fun!