Did you ever find a website that you know has cool stuff and you shouldn't buy anything

But you have to check it out for what you could get?

In case you need fire hoses, conveyer belts or used bowling alley flooring

Looks really interesting and I could have used this 20 years ago quite a bit.

I’m not sure what forum this belongs in, I’ll try IMHO as it doesn’t really fit Cafe Society.

I’ve got my eye on a 55 gallon bung barrel for $30.


I did go down a rabbit hole one time when I wanted just one traffic cone (to put out in the road when I have to stand there to trim the front hedge) and must have spent an hour or two just looking at all the different kinds of cones and barriers and signage that is available to road maintenance contractors and such, here.

For me it was https://sciplus.com/ many years ago. I used to use them fairly often and sometimes ended up buying stuff that left me wondering later why?

I love that place. I could use some things.

Now where’s that CC?

In pre-internet days, I liked looking through specialty catalogs, like W. W. Grainer, McMaster-Carr, or the ones for medical professionals or hotels. Lots of weird stuff that I never need but they do.

Pre-Internet was Harbor Freight and Oriental Trading Co.


Silk Road.



… but it’s just $5!

Ah yes, the Fischer Scientific catalog had so much cool stuff. I worked for them for a year in Pittsburgh designing laboratory robotics and we had to spec out things from the catalog whenever possible. So I researched it and McMaster-Carr for many hours.

Careful. I ordered from ULine, and now they send me a Sears catalog sized catalog every few months

Probably a typo, but I assume you mean Grainger. They have a ton of cool shit.

The New 2024 Grainger Catalog 415 - Grainger Industrial Supply

And $4.99 shipping. And it will arrive next year some time.

This is the kind of place Adam Savage frequents.

Yes, I meant Grainger. They’re now advertising extensively on TV.

Yes, or as we refer to them, “kindling.”

Uline was the best back when I did eBay and other online selling and reselling services, but it’s probably been 12 years and I still get their massive catalog. I’ve probably bought from a majority of the places mentioned so far.