Good Thrift Stores in Chicago

I was wondering if anyone knew any good thrift stores in the chicagoland for furniture. Most of the ones I’ve been too have just junk - and I’m a Trash to Treasures kind of gal. Any info would be greatly appreciated - I’m especially looking for any type of rustic mexican pine pieces. thanks

The very nature of thrift stores is that they never have the same thing twice, so just because one would have that sort of thing at one point, doesn’t mean it would have it the next time you go. It’s sort of hit and miss.

A website you might like to try is
where you can search for different types of thrift, salvage and resale shops by zip or area code. They give you the address and phone # and sometimes a few things they specialize in. You could call ahead and see if they have furniture. (I’m on the West coast and the St. Vincent DePauls carry a lot of furniture, but I’m not sure if that’s the case where you are.)