I have to decorate my first apartment and I need HELP

I am moving from Chicago to San Francisco and my fiance and I are getting a two bedroom loft. As this is the first place that I’m going to be responsible for, I need some suggestions as to where to get cool possibly retro looking furniture. I don’t want anything too adult. we’re only 25. however, I refuse to have the “made by Ikea” apartment of my college past. Any suggestions in the San Fran area or any online resources that can help me out with furniture thats nicer than Ikea but not absurdly expensive?

i’m so lost

Have you thought about maybe buying authentic retro furniture and refinishing it? Yardsales and flea markets can be a gold mine for that sort of stuff.

I agree, San Francisco is garage sale heaven. Of course, no one has a garage, so it’s sidewalk sale heaven. Short of Tokyo, I doubt there is another town on the planet where you can get such cool cheap shit. Even the homeless people selling crap have stuff worth buying. Plus it’s cheap, people are just trying to get rid of shit because they are leaving town after having hung in there for as long as possible. My experience is in the Castro district, and you can buy the bizarre or the classic. Another thing that is cool is that people do not get out there at 6AM so you can wander around at 10AM Saturday morning with your cup of Peet’s and still have first dibs. You are living in San Francisco. You are commanded to have funky decor. Have fun and be open minded. San Francisco is one of the greatest cities on the planet.