Did you ever get your furniture back Askance?

As per this previous thread. I was just wondering.

Hah! NO, the wheels of justice grind slow, but … nothing, they just go exceedingly slow. I did find an address for the culprit’s lawyers and got the CTTT court to return the furniture order sent there, but still no response of course. That’s now been converted into a monetary order in a new hearing last Monday, but we don’t expect any better result. I have 12 years to enforce this order on them myself :rolleyes:

I’m getting advice from a Chamber Magistrate next week on whether I can appeal the determination that it’s a civil matter not criminal, but according to the court clerk I spoke to this is unlikely to go my way; as we had an agreement it’s a contractual dispute :confused: despite them having carried off my furniture (and, I suspect, sold it).

Seems my only course then would be to sue them in a civil court, but I doubt the game is worth the candle. Probably I’ll just have to write it all off.

But thanks a lot for thinking of me!