Did you ever meet your double?

Question: Those of you who have ever met/seen your double, describe the experience. Did you meet? Did you talk? Get to be friends? Trade wives/husbands for a night :wink: ? Or did you just notice the person, say “hey, he looks familiar,” and keep walking?

I’ll give my story.
A day or two before New Years Eve 2000/2001 I was in Vegas shooting craps at one of the smaller casinos on the strip. I looked up and noticed this guy. I’m not gay or anything. In fact 99% of the time I think guys are hideous. But I couldn’t help but to think to myself, “Man! This has got to be one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen.” Then it occured to me. Of course he’s gorgeous! He looks just like me! :smiley: One of the dealers even commented on it. Well, not that he was good looking, or that I was good looking for that matter. But he asked if we were brothers. Well I was curious to say the least and I’ve always said I would love to be my own friend. I think I would be a good friend to myself. That’s not true of everybody. Anyway, I was on a roll shooting craps and the dude left. I never saw him again. :frowning: Oh well. Just my long lost twin brother. :slight_smile: No big deal. I KNEW I was adopted!!!
BTW, I did end up winning like $250 at that craps table.

I didn’t, but some guys I know swear they met mine working at a convenience store in Virginia, I think it was.

On one hand, they’d just met me for the first time. On the other hand, we’d been camping together with the rest of a group for an entire weekend. I’m still not sure about it, but it’s a neat feeling, I have to admit…

I was in high school with a girl that was my double at the time. It was a really strange experience, too because I had a crush on her brother but didn’t know he had a sister. Her brother was a friend of my brother and would come over to jam in the band sometimes.

One day I ran into her (literally) at school and we both just looked at each other for a few seconds. I finally introduced myself, and when I caught her name I did another double take.

We never really spoke a lot after that, but I would occaisionally get someone asking, “Did I see you at that party the other night?” and invariably would have to correct them. It seems she was quite the wild child. Makes me wonder what it might have done to my reputation.

I haven’t yet met my double, although my chemistry teacher seems to think I have. For some reason, she keeps confusing me with some girl who looks nothing at all like me and is nothing like me in personality. :rolleyes:

I have a pair of girls in one of my speech classes that are not related in any way, but look identical. It is truly astonishing, and they both say that they hate it that most of the teachers in the school cannot tell them apart. One of them was telling me that they both went to visit her grandfather, and he got them mixed up. Very strange.

I was was at the salon recently, and they called out for “JayElle”. Myself and another woman stood up. We both had the same name, down to the middle initial, we both had brown curly hair, and wore glasses. Neither one of us looked too comfortable to have met their doppleganger.

I’ve never met my double, but I know her name. On several separate occasions, over several years, and in different places, people have asked me if my name was Helen. It started in high school in 1980 and continues sporadically to this day. One of these days I would love to meet Helen and find out if there are people calling her by my name.

Also, last year I was at a multi-school function and noticed one little girl in particular. There was something very familiar about her. She had straight dark hair, glasses and orthodontia. Then, another little girl came up to me and asked if that (indicating the girl I’d noticed) was my daughter. My hair is now red, long and curly and I wear contacts and no braces. But, she was right - the little girl looked JUST like I did when I was that age. It was a little weird.

I did when I was 4 years old. We have similar sounding names too. I wonder what she looks like now. If she still looks like me, that would be freaky. The rank for most beautiful woman alive would be tied. :wink:

YUP! Ive heard of him but not seen him. His is name is Marcos but I think he moved. :frowning:

I apparently have several.

When I was a teenager I went to the pub one Saturday night and people were coming up to me to ask “How are you?”, “Hey are you OK” and the like. Eventually I caught on that there was meant to be something wrong with me and asked someone. It turned out that the previous night several people had seen “me” being beaten up by the local Hells Angels. People were stunned at my toughness in shrugging off this vicious beating. Yeah well what can I say.

A couple of years ago I had a woman accost me at lunch, sit with me and chat for 5-10 minutes before she said “That young guy you sent us has worked out really well.” I then had to tell her I wasn’t who she thought I was. She was all flustered and apologized profusely. I said to her “No need to apologise I was thoroughly enjoying chatting to you, it definitely improved my lunchbreak.”

About 2 weeks later I was leaving my office and a guy standing out the front rushed over to me and addressed me by some other name. I said no that’s not me. He insisted I was. “Remember we used to play in the band together in Wollongong?” No, never lived there. He was actually getting a bit shitty until I realised I was wearing a security pass with my photo and name on it. I showed him that and he laughed and said evwen knowing that he was wrong he would swear I was this other guy.

Not much of a story, but one night I was in a restaurant with a lady I was training horses for. I kept glancing over to the other side of the restaurant, and finally realized that the person I was looking at looked exactly like me. Strange feeling. The mentioned it to the person I was dining with, and she was also astounded by the similarity, down to the height and hairstyle.

I do not believe I have a physical double.
I know there is another raisinbread out there since raisinbread is an unusual name with a surname that is rarer than hen’s teeth. The only references I found regarding him are the fact that he plays soccer in Pennsylvania and he likes to run up charges on his credit cards. A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a collections agency that went out of their way to get my work number, which no one has, but after I told them I have no credit cards and gave the last four of my SSN they realized they had the wrong raisinbread.
Now I’m worried that my credit is shit. Other times I’m more worried that a raisinbread from an alternate universe is running around this universe causing mischief.

There are at least two guys who look exactly like I did back when I had hair. I’ve never met them, but the photographs were uncanny and make me despair of the use of eyewitness identification.

In one of those “Dress up like people from the old west and have your sepia tone picture taken for a lot of money” places in Deadwood, SD, the woman who was getting our costumes said she was glad to see me back. I had never been to the state, let alone the city, so I asked what she was talking about. She pointed to a picture, and I began wondering if I was leading a double life of some sort 'cuz if it had been a picture taken in a neutral setting I would have assumed it was me too.

The other guy was the brother of a barfly I used to drink with from time to time. The hair, face, build, glasses, all identical. If it weren’t for the fact that he was Indian I would have identified that picture as me too.

I was swweping up the dining area of the Pizza Hut where I worked and I came across some kids from my school. The franticly waved me over and said there was a guy there eating and they swore it was me and were about to say hi. I took one look and there I was…eating pizza with my elbow resting on the table the way I did. My hair was longer, but it was me.
I took my broom and hid in the kitchen for the rest of my shift.

My wife’s double is on page 94 of A Child is Born.
see for yourself: http://groups.msn.com/TheFauxFamilyDavidandPrajna/ourtriptomaui.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=417

I met my double in the grocery store. We were coming toward each other down the cake mix aisle, and stopped dead in our tracks, staring at each other for a few moments. Then we sort of paced around each other, looking from every angle. Then, without a word, we took our carts and walked on.

In retrospect, I wish I would have talked to her for a few minutes, but at the time, it was so odd to see my Doppleganger that the idea of questioning her never occurred to me.

No, but apparently he’s a stark raving asshole.

About 15 years ago a cow-orker came up to me raving about my rude behavior of the night before. This confused me, as I had been at home. He told me that he had gone to some meeting and seen me there. When he walked up to me, I was rather rude to him. Wow. Sorry dude, I was at home. WTF Meeting was this anyways?

About 3 years ago another cow-orker came into my cube screaming at me for flipping her off on the road the night before. Only problem is I’ve never been within 10 miles of the road she mentioned and while we had the same make of car, mine is not Blue.

I used to live across the street from my twin(s). They were sisters - one blond, one dark hair. Except for hair color (mine’s light brown) we looked just alike. We were mistaken for sisters all the time.

Its kinda freaky to move in somewhere and meet 2 people that look so much like you your father mistakes one of them for you. Especially when they’re outside and you’re not supposed to be.

I went to High School with mine. We were friendly but not friends. She was a year younger than me but alike in every other way. Same hairstyle, slightly odd dress sense, we even smoked the same brand of imported cigarettes. We would get each other in trouble by being where we weren’t “supposed” to be. She even got me in trouble with my Dad for smoking! Dad came to pick me up from school and saw “me” smoking in front of the school. He can’t leave the car, so he hollers for “me” to get in the car. “I” ignore him, finish “my” cigarette and walk back into school. He waits for “me” to come back out, “I” don’t. Dad is just about ready to go full-on apest when I jump into the car and into a veritable ststorm. It turned out that while my twin was busy pissing my Dad off, I was running errands a block away.

I used to be asked all the time if I was “Judy from Hackensack.” It hasn’t happened lately, so I guess she moved or something.

I always wondered why the Germans have a word for this situation. Is it that common in Germany to meet your exact doppelganger?

When I was helping my grandmother move out of her house in Lima, Ohio, the people who were buying her house asked me how long I’d lived there. I never lived there. They said there was a guy in town who looked exactly like me down to the haircut (and at the time i had a mohawk).

I once chatted with a guy online who sent me his pic. Had I not known it was a picture of him I would have sworn it was a picture of me.