IRL Doppelgängers?

I had a very unique looking friend in high school. He was one grade above me so he graduated a year earlier and we kind of lost touch. During my first ever college class, I was pleasantly surprised to see him there. So I sat next to him, and started to say “hi” before realizing it wasn’t him but someone else with an uncanny resemblance. When I got home from school, I immediately, IMed my friend to tell him about his long lost twin. Turns out, he knew of this guy’s existence. Another friend of his had seen the twin a few years ago.

How I Met Your Mother has a recurring theme about this too. Each of the main characters has a doppelganger that they get to eventually meet.

Anyone have a similar story?

Yes. An ex-BF saw her several times. Also several regular customers of my fast food place of employment saw her, thought it was me, and tried to say hello.

My doppelganger experience: an ex-BF had a really distinctive voice. A customer came in when my back was turned and started talking. I looked around, expecting to see ex-BF. Nope. This guy kept talking while my back was to him and I kept turning around. Finally I caught him talking while I was looking at him. It was simply uncanny, this totally unfamiliar face emitting this totally familiar and distinctive voice.

I always have people telling me that I look like someone they know. A few years ago, I worked in an office with someone that I am sure accounts for at least 75% of those comments- we look almost exactly alike.

A few weeks ago, I was at the grocery store and saw a woman that looked SO much like my mother, who lives in another state, that I started looking around for other relatives that live here that she could have been visiting. I came very, very close to going up to her, so sure that was my mom, but then at the last second I realized that it wasn’t her. That was weird.

15 years ago, I was with some friends, vacationing in Ireland. We had stopped at a seaside resort along the Ring of Kerry, and I was standing by the side of the road, along with my friend Karen, watching kids diving off the rocks into the ocean.

A man came walking up the driveway from the resort, with his five daughters following him. From a distance, it reminded me of the cartoon which opened The Partridge Family, as the girls seemed to be following their father in descending order, by age.

When they got closer, the father and I looked at each other, and both of us came to the realization, at the same moment, that we were looking at one another’s doppelgangers. As he walked past us, his daughters in tow, Karen just watched, her mouth hanging open.

After they passed, she whispered, “He looked just like you!” I replied, “I know…and if I’d stayed Catholic, gotten married at 18, and didn’t believe in birth control, that could have been me!”

My doppleganger was such a close match that my own mother was fooled! She spotted this girl across the room in a restaurant and went over to scold her (me) for smoking a cigarette.

Same unusual shade of strawberry-dishwater-blonde hair, same hairstyle, same features. When we were standing next to each other (we were eventually introduced) she stood a couple inches taller and had noticeably crooked teeth (I had braces as a kid) but otherwise, we could have passed for identical twins.


Other unusual coincidences - we had similar professions (I worked for a jeweler, she worked for a watchmaker) drove similar cars (I drove a Sundance, she drove a Shadow) and had very close birthdays (less than a week apart, although she was 2 years younger).

I had a “twin” at the large university I attended (around 50,000 students and in a decent-sized city); I never met her but friends saw her around frequently enough to comment on it to me. On top of that, we both bicycled, wore a helmet, had the same style jacket, and pulled our long, similar-colored hair into a ponytail for biking. At first I thought perhaps it was me and I just didn’t hear a friend calling to me, but we started comparing notes about where/when sightings happened, and it definitely wasn’t me.

Then my younger sister chose to attend the same university. We’d been sick of being told we looked like twins (because we didn’t see such a close resemblance!), so I warned her about the “evil triplet” haunting the campus. Sure enough, her friends started seeing “her” around. Once her boyfriend even yelled her name repeatedly as “she” biked past.

I realized, though, that I might well have glanced past her every day and not noticed that I was seeing someone considered my double. After all, my sister and I insisted that we only looked like sisters, not twins, and we could never understand the double-takes and “are you twins?!” queries from strangers.

It used to be very common for people to mistake me for someone else. In 2004 when I was in the hospital one of my nurses thought I was her cousin. She insisted I was having a joke on her. She wouldn’t even believe my mother, who was there.

I rarely see anyone who I think looks a lot like me, but not long ago I was at a stop light, looked in my rear view mirror, and the guy in the car behind me really looked like me. It was an odd experience – like watching a movie of myself… “Wow! Now I’m talking to the person next to me… I wonder what I’m going to do next?”

Haven’t met a full doppelganger, but this one is kinda freaky. My ex and I were at the IKEA in Northern Virginia when she pointed out a guy who she said looked like me. I didn’t think he resembled me at all until I saw him in 3/4 turn-away profile.

See, our bedroom had its own bathroom and sink with mirrors on three of the walls, so if I turned to talk to her I’d see my own head in 3/4 turn-away reflected back at me. And this dude had the same profile.

My dad met his doppelganger at my insistence- but they were not completely identical. My dad is decidely german looking and this guy was chinese, but the similarities were striking. The other guy (who was the “maitre’d” at Ollie’s at 116th and Broadway) was so amused and amazed that he had someone take a picture and had it posted at the take-out stand for a year or so. Same age, face shape, hair-cut, hair color, size- it was really odd seeing my dad as a chinese man.

So not a true doppelganger, but close enough.

I’ve met my local doppelganger here in town. kept geting mistaken for the guy for years, until i finally decided i needed to.

but the strangest thing i’ve see was on a recent trip to michigan with my family from TN.

We stopped at a rest stop and looked over,and i noticed a guy looked just like my buddy jim.
i had a good laugh and continued on, stopping at another rest area a couple hours down the road. “jim” is there buying a coke from a vending machine. i just attributed it to being tired, and it being late at night. stopping again in ohio, we all get out, my father looks over, and says “isnt that jim?” Sure enough, the SAME guy, 3 stops in a row. this time he notices me, does a double take, and kinda flips out, quickly disappearing into his car, like HE had just seen a damn ghost.

was waaay strange.

I thought it was an unwritten rule that if you saw your doppleganger in real life you were to immediately fight to the death.

I evidently have tons of them. Ever since I was a kid, not a month goes by where someone doesn’t tell me that I look exactly like someone they know or swear that they know me from somewhere but can’t figure out where. I’ve had very long hair and very short hair and various styles of facial hair and no matter what it happens. It’s happened all over the world.

It’s gotten to the point where when someone comes up to me and says, “excuse me but…”, I say, “let me guess. I look exactly like someone you know.”

Ever since This seasons american Idol, I keep getting mistaken for Lee Dewyze. It’s gotten so bad if I go to the mall I get stares from people. My wife initially told me of the resemblance and I didnt believe her. She then printed a picture and made me stand in a mirror with the picture next to my head, Yep that bastard stole my body! What a strange feeling knowing there is someone out there who could pass for you or you them. It makes me a little sick feeling. Please Lee dont molest any children or anything, I dont want to be hated because I look like you.

Several people have told me I look just like someone they know, the most recent asked me if I went to high school in Northern Virginia. Nope. Never met my doppleganger(s) though.
My grandmother had a daughter with Down’s syndrome, so they were a unique couple to see out in stores, a woman in her 70’s and a woman in her 40’s with Down’s. And yet in several stores people would call her by some else’s name name; “Hi Mrs. Smith, how are you today?” Turns out there was another old lady with a daughter with Down’s syndrome in the same small city, and apparently they looked a lot alike!

Years ago my mother was shocked – SHOCKED – to see a full color picture of me on the front page of the local paper. I was playing with my daughter. (I’m childless.) She thought it was so funny that she clipped it out and sent it to me. I had it on my fridge for years.

A few months ago I had jury duty. It was kind of disturbing that the judge looked just like my dad, but as he looked about 30 years ago, and with the haircut he had 50 years ago.

And in the past month, I’ve met both Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock.

A long time ago, I went to a parade with my Girlfriend (Julie) and another couple. The other couple got separated from us. As Julie and I were milling around the crowds, we ran across a guy that looked exactly like me, and both us just stood and stared at each other for about 30 seconds. We said some pleasantries, and went on our way. The other couple ran into the guy as well and they asked him where Julie was. He had no idea what they were talking about.

As the other couple and us met at our designated rendezvous, they relayed the story of my “twin”. I asked them whether they noticed the guy had a blue shirt on and I had a red shirt that they had given me for my birthday.

My friend’s brother was “assaulted” by a group of teenage girls when he went to watch Titanic in the theater. He looks a lot like Leonardo Dicaprio.

Good problem to have when you’re also a teenager. :slight_smile:

The summer after I graduated high school, I worked doing food prep in one of the busy restaurants at SeaTac Airport. I was merrily making pasta salad one day when one of the servers came dashing into the kitchen. “You gotta see this woman out here!”

I went out with her to the service line area, and my twin was staring back at me from the other side of the counter. We just stared at each other for a bit, wide-eyed, and then we both shook our heads and went back to what we were doing. What else could we do?

One of my Mom’s clients told her that her twin worked as a teller in the client’s bank, and was so insistent that Mom stopped in there one day. Both plump red-haired women in their 40s, and they really did look alike. They even had similar first names – Clarice and Claire. Weird.

OOH! Just remembered! When I was a travel agent, a woman called asking for prices for a weekend trip to Reno for her two daughters. When she agreed to make the booking, I asked for the names of her daughters. She said one was Gina Smith and the other was Gina Jones (not real names). Then she said, “You’re probably wondering why they both have the same first name.”

“I assumed one was your stepdaughter or something like that.” Nope.

The woman had gotten pregnant was she was 17, and had given the baby up for adoption. She had been told that the baby was to be adopted by a family from eastern Washington. She didn’t see the baby at all after she was born, she just signed the paperwork and that was that. What she didn’t know was that the baby had been born with some sort of fairly minor deformity in one limb, and because of that, the adoptive couple refused to take her. The baby’s deformity was corrected surgically, and she was then adopted by a family who lived in the same general suburban area as the birth mother.

Within a year, my client had married her boyfriend (the father of the baby they gave up), and they proceeded to have first a boy, then another girl within two years. Eventually the younger two kids are in high school. One is a cheerleader, the other a star football player.

The Mom works for the school district’s administrative offices. She and her daughter look very much alike, and both are frequently told that there’s a girl at another high school in the district who is also a cheerleader and who also resembles them very strongly. The district has only four high schools, and the two in question are less than 6 miles apart. The Mom thinks it’s a coincidence, still believing her first child was living on the other side of the state.

When Gina1 turned 18, she sought out her birth parents, and voila! All was revealed. The mother and daughters are so alike, it’s obvious they’re related. The adoptive family had named Gina1, while the birth family had coincidentally chosen the same name for Gina2. They also had similar middle names. The scary thing? The brother and Gina1 actually met once at a party!

It also turned out I knew the older Gina; we’d gone to high school together.

Strangers used to give me cheerful ‘hellos’ all the time in Anchorage, and I had a couple of conversations with people who were asking me how I’d been, etc., obviously mistaking me for someone else. Someone finally clued me in that there was a local actor for whom I was a dead ringer. Never got to meet the guy.