Did you have a crazy cat lady on your block?

I think every neighborhood has at least one. There was one that I knew of across from my grandma’s house. I’m sure there’s someone near where I live now.

It was funny, while I was deployed I got a letter from my grandma and in it she said, “Yeah, crazy cat lady got another cat” and I think she just kept collecting them until she died a few years ago.

Pretty much all the neighborhood cats are in our house so I don’t see how anyone would have enough to qualify. So I answered no.

I AM the crazy cat lady.

Not now, but I had one right next door at an apartment I once rented. I was only there for four months, but it was during the summer. CCL had her front door open all the time, and the entire breezeway always stank like cat shit. I was quite happy to move out of there.

It kinda depends on the cats.

My sister only has 3 cats.


all 3 are psycho, destructive, sstupid, flighty, ill behaved, and generally dreadful. I consider her attachment to them to be ‘crazy’.

Not now, but I used to have a crazy cat family two doors down. Animal control got to know me for a while as I brought many of the cats in to them, one by one. They reproduced faster than I could trap them, though.

Yes, it was called “My Mommy.” Can’t remember how many since it’s been a while since I checked, but there’s been a lot.

Yes. They were in charge of collecting the annual fee for our irrigation water the first year we move to this house. My husband and I walked over (they live across the street and one house down) to give them the check, and the stench from uncleaned cat boxes hit us before they opened the door. We have a cat and a Littermaid. No stinky here!

We have traveling cat ladies in this areas. There are huge colonies of feral cats in certain areas, and there’s several cat ladies who come around and feed them cases of cat food.

Yes. She breeds outdoor cats as far as I can tell. They round them up about once a year for the kitty gas chamber. Dumb Bitch. :frowning:

She also feeds pidgeons. Flying rats they are. Her roof has rivers of shit on it, I kid you not.

She also has lots of little signs in her yard with bible passages and anti-abortion slogans. Plus there are so many cats and signs, her yard cannot be properly cared for.

When you walk by her house, it smells like a sewer.

The street I grew up on had one, although it was a crazy cat man.

Same type, old as dirt, lived alone, and his house was untended to - when I delivered papers as a kid I referred to it as the “haunted house”.

I didn’t know about his cat predilections (don’t know if others, particularly adult neighbours) did, but when there was a fire in his house once, the fire department came and discovered a whole bunch of cats there. The sickest/saddest part was several were found in his freezer, dead. Apparently, when they died he didn’t have the heart to bury them in the yard, so he kept them in the freezer. (I wonder if that’s what other “crazy cat ladies” do?

After the fire, I saw him at the bus stop, but that’s the last I heard of him, as I moved out of my parents’ house and got my own place shortly after that. I doubt he is still alive, as this was about 15 years ago, so I have no idea what happened to any cats after that.

Well, I didn’t think she was crazy, but there was a single, middle-aged elementary-school teacher who lived downstairs in the apartment building my mom and I lived in when I was a kid. Five or six cats in a one-bedroom apartment, but she was tidy and there was never an issue with odor. I loved cats when I was a kid, so I’d get to go play with them, and she trusted me with a key to her place when she was off at conferences, so I could feed them and clean their boxes.

The only thing I found sad about that was that one of the cats was a shy outcast, bullied by the other cats in the apartment, and I had to give her food and water in her special hiding spot in the bedroom and close the door so that the other cats couldn’t chase her away and eat it all. The cat did not have a happy life, and would have been better off adopted by someone who wanted a single cat.


Unfortunately she lived right below me, and was my landlady’s mother-in-law.

I wasn’t supposed to have any pets. But, in fact, I had a cat. Who would notice one more cat, when there were three dozen in the yard?

She was also deaf–so deaf that, if somebody came over, and smiled at her nicely, and said “Fuck you, old lady!” she would smile back. If I parked my car in the wrong place–so that she could see it out her window–she would open her door and slam it shut until I moved the car.

The stairs to my place smelled so awful that some people would jump off my balcony so as not to have to walk down them.

Of course, I went on to move elsewhere, and at one point my roommate and I had 13 cats (including the original one I got away with in the previous apartment–she was a long-term cat, 18 years), so the two of us were collectively well on our way to being the crazy cat ladies. We both self-corrected; I now have only two cats, and one dog. Roomie got married and had eight kids.

We have one about 4 doors away. She has the limit of 4 cats . But she feeds all the strays so her house is surrounded by them. When my cat decides his food has turned to poison, I give the unopened cans to her.
Everybody refers to her as" cat lady".

Where I live now is on campus with no pets allowed (though there are still a handful of contraband cats, here and there), but the house I grew up in, there was a house down the street that was condemned a few years ago due to all the cat damage. They’re literally having to gut it completely and basically rebuild everything but the outside walls, since everything was so soaked in cat waste. I’m mildly allergic to cats, and just walking past on the other side of the street was incapacitating.

By some standards, my mom would qualify as a crazy cat lady, too, but she’s not nearly that far gone. The most we ever had living in the house was three of our own plus two more that we were temporarily putting up for a friend who had moved into a no-pets apartment (and yes, they really were only temporary), and she’s finally managed to make good on her long-standing promise of “when these cats die, we’re not getting any more” (which she’d been promising since about two or three generations of cats ago). Her house is now the headquarters for the neighborhood stray population (she and a few other neighborhood ladies care for them), but they’re all outdoors-only (and all fixed).

Yup. That’d be me, probably. I have three, and while my house doesn’t smell like cat (I hope! I’m very fastidious with the boxes and my cats all use them) my front window that faces the street has 3 cat trees. It must look like the whole room is a cat gym, but those windows give the cats the best view of the feeders and it really is the only place to put the trees.

This happened in my hometown.

I voted no. I did, however, have a little old crazy Chihuahua lady. She scared me when I was a little, but when I was a teenager she asked me to buy her a pack of cigarettes and a friendship was born. She turned out to be really nice.