How many cats do you have?

Well, how many? I have three. At one point in my life I had as may as seven. This poll is about how many you have right now.

  1. Three girls and a boy. All were either rescues (Havoc, Pixel) or strays that adopted us as kittens (Caelan, Brindle).
  1. Three boys and a girl. All adopted and special needs of one sort or another. Hazard of the occupation.

And that’s the limit, FTR. No more than 4 unless I somehow win the lottery and acquire a house and staff.

I have two kitties.

I have two wonderful Ragdolls.

Just the one. He’s enough. :slight_smile:

One, the world’s smallest Norwegian Forest Cat.

Yeah, we would love to have more than one one we have, but he is so aggressive that we wouldn’t risk harm to another cat. It sucks. We have had four cats before and really enjoyed it. This one was a rescue from outdoors, and I don’t think that works well. He is so muscular that I suspect he has some big cat genes.

I know a dude who had some where around 14 of them.

His house reeked.

Ditto, and he’s MORE than enough. :smiley:

There should be fractions in that scale…
.5 cats= a cat that you occasionally feed/let stay indoors during harshest weather, but not actually own.

In that case, I have 2.5 cats. There is a neighbor/stray cat that comes around and I do let him in on the ~3 nights a year here when it is bitterly cold. The thing is, he looks* exactly* like my black cat, and I sometimes have a hard time telling which is which. I call him Fake Kitty.

Two feline overlords here.

I’ve got three of them. Two were my husband’s, and one was mine.

Zero. At home.

At the office, we have at least three. Outdoor cats. I work in a large corporate plaza - dozens of buildings next to each other, 3-5 stories each. Standard stuff. Apparently some cats adopted our building. They seem to live in the bushes. I’m not sure who takes care of them, or if they forage for their own food. Sometimes they run away when we walk by…sometimes they just glance at us.


Just two here. There are a couple strays that hang around outside, but I didn’t count them.

One was a gift many many years ago and he still rules the roost. Greymalkin by name.

The other is a delightful tabby I found abandoned alongside the highway to Birmingham.
Of course, his name is ‘Bama’.

Did I mention my dear bride was a cheerleader at Alabama?

Just one, because my husband keeps me in line! I have had up to four when I was single.

There needed to be an “other” option – I’m only living in their home for six months, but they aren’t mine.

Also, hey, Cheez_Whia! Long time no see!

I have 7–two Singapuras, two Russian Blues, and three tabby rescues. In retrospect it probably is too many, but they’re here now and we love them all dearly. No more, though. Definitely no more.