Did you have disposable cameras at your wedding?

It was all the trend a few years ago. May still be - I haven’t been at a wedding in a few years. Disposable cameras at each table. The guests are supposed to take pictures.

Did you have them?
Did you get any good pics from them?
In general was all the film used?
If you had it to do over, would you have 'em again?

We had them at ours in October. I would say that for the most part most of the film was used. I think that one had a few taken, and one camera we never found. We liked it because it gave us pictures of everyone, we tried to have as many pictures taken, but not everyone was in them. I would say we would do it again since it wasn’t that expensive, we got them off of eBay I think.


The pics were good, except during the kiss, all of them came out red from all the flash. The best quality pics came from the photographer, but the best moment capturing pics were by far from the throw aways. I would have them again, if only for that pic of my grandmother looking at the punch like it had a worm in it.

(the punch was green, my grandmother is a bitch and wasn’t invited but came anyway. She gave me cheap ugly red sheets for a gift…)

No. They weren’t invented yet.

Would I do it if they had been? Sure. Sounds like they could be fun.

We had them at our wedding almost six years ago. I love the pictures we got from them. We got a lot of nice candid shots of our guests that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and also a lot of fun candids of us cutting the cake, doing toasts, and dancing. It’s fun to look at them and remember everyone who was there, and to see everyone having a great time. And yes, pretty much all of the film got used. The only bad part was the cost to have them all developed.

Yup, we had them and we’re glad we did. Most of the people really used them for the best purposes, and took shots of things that happened, and of people, that we missed. One of them was filled with pictures of guys standing at the urinal and women sitting on the can, all with the subjects’ permission, which was pretty hilarious. Not something you’d ever see from a professional photographer.

I really, really wish we had. The episode of “Buffy” where the suggestion was made I don’t believe was out at that time, mores the pity.

Our photographer totally screwed us and we have virtually no photos from that day, so it would have been great.

Ah, forgot to mention, I’ve been to at least one wedding since my own in which they were used, and they were tremendous fun at the time and really made for some great material for the couple.

Yes, we had them. My mother bought 10 (one per table) and my husband’s uncle showed up with 12 more (after originally buying 20… he took some back when we told him my mom had some) and all of them got used. A few failed, so we only got a h andful of pictures off them, but the rest were fine. We have some great candid shots, and even a couple of pictures that are among family favourites. We had a few kids at our wedding, and so pics taken by kids of kids are really cute!

When we had them developed, they had a free doubles special, so I was able to take pretty much all the doubles and give them to the people in each picture when I sent the thankyou notes, and we kept all the originals (we also had everything put on CD, so we have electronic copies and can just print more if we want to).

Yes, I’d do it again, and I’d recommend it too! We only had the photographer for the preparations and the ceremony itself (we had a lot of people with good cameras for the rest of the evening) and we forgot to do a mock cake cutting with the photographer. We got a couple of really good shots from the disposables (and from people with better cameras).

Not at my weedding, nearly 30 years ago – though I did spend most of the time at the reception (in MIL’s backyard) taking photos of everyone myself. However, my daughter is getting married later this year, and this is going on my list of things to arrange for her wedding.

It does seem to me that (in these days of everything being digitised), that after the wedding, I should gather all the photos in digital format (including scanned copies of the film photos), and put all the good ones together on a CD, which I can then mail out to all who attended. The cost of CDs is so low these days that the major cost would be the postage.

We had them at our wedding. I told the kids around age 11 (they were the most likely to get bored and destructive) that they were in charge of making sure all the pictures were taken and making sure to get pictures of everyone they could.

Worked wonderfully.

Did you have them? Sure did.

Did you get any good pics from them? Yes, we did. Most of the them were just so-so shots, but we got a few dozen really good ones that made it all worthwhile.

In general was all the film used? It’s been awhile, but I believe they were all used up.

If you had it to do over, would you have 'em again? Absolutely.

One word of advice if you use them, though – don’t let little kids go crazy with them. I’ve been to weddings where kids thought they were in charge of every single disposable camera, and I’m sure that the bride and groom weren’t happy to get back 240 pictures of their guests’ knees. Limit the kids to one or two cameras.

Definitely would do it again. Got some great candid shots.

And the cameras that still had some shots left were brought on the honeymoon, to save on film.

We had them at our wedding in Vegas 3 years ago. I’d bought about 10 of the ‘wedding themed’ ones on ebay. I remember our guests looking like they were having fun snapping pictures, but I’ve never seen them. All of the cameras are stuffed in my closet, still undeveloped. Maybe I’ll get to that before the end of the year. Of course, I remember thinking that last year. And the year before.

Did you have them?

We had 'em at our wedding almost two years ago. I think we had one per table, so about 15? (eBay is a good place to find them cheap).

Did you get any good pics from them?

We got some great pics - we had one relative who did posed shots with all the kids that turned out really well (and adorable), some random shots of people we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with, and some fantastic shots of the ceremony and the dances at the reception (my photographer’s flash died in the middle of the parents’ dance, so for that one, all we had were the ones from the disposables).

In general was all the film used?

Yep - every single one was used.

If you had it to do over, would you have 'em again?

Definitely. How else would I have gotten a shot of my grandfather’s hand on my mom’s ass? :smiley:


Just be sure your guests know they are to be used and aren’t favors! (My mom had that problem, but it was seven years ago when this was a new idea. Half of them walked away.)

We used 'em and loved 'em.

Did you have them?
Yep. Small wedding with about fifty people there. We put six disposable camera around on the various tables, and got them all back.

Did you get any good pics from them?
The photos that came back from the professional photographer were mostly pretty stiff and formal. The ones from the disposable cameras showed that people were having fun. And almost inevitably, each camera had at least one shot of somebody shooting a picture right back. Because of that we were able to figure out who had taken each set of pictures.

In general was all the film used?

If you had it to do over, would you have 'em again?
Sure. I thought it went over very well.

Yup, we had 'em and we’re incredibly glad we did.

The professional photographer we’d hired screwed up and underexposed every shot. Not one came out. He waived his fee for that one. :rolleyes:

The only shots we have are from the disposables.

We had them at our wedding reception 2 years ago. My husband’s distant cousin was there and decided to take it upon himself to take all the pictures. He wandered around the room with each camera at waist-level snapping pictures.

He took all the cameras with him back to California, then developed the film in duplicate prints and sent the entire collection to us as a wedding gift. It was really nice of him and totally unexpected.

BUT…now we have a box full of about 300 pictures that are unusable. Very blurry. Lots of red-eye. Cut-off heads. Closed eyes. Bad lighting.

And there was a very old man at our reception (an old friend of my parents-in-law) who slipped one of the cameras into the bag holding his oxygen tank because he thought they were party favors.


Only a few (in fact, I think some of the guests mistook them for party favors, as we didn’t get all of them back).

I think so.

Sure - they’re cheap, and it gives people something to do - it can be an icebreaker for people who don’t know each other.