Did you hear the one about the farmer's daughter?

I didn’t say that. I said it is easy to understand why they would want to pick you up. What you deserve, of course, is for some handsome single man to tell you that your poetry is moving, it expresses the terror of making choices and facing the unknown. And that is looks like you have lead an interesting life and he would like learn more about it and you. And finally that you have an absolutely captivating smile, and he hopes you get to use it a lot.

You definitely deserve all of that and more, but you don’t deserve the cheesy pick up lines. Just so we are clear on that. :slight_smile:

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Awwwww! I’m touched!

Now touch me more. No, not there…HERE!

Just get the accent down, and say “The last guy who asked me that is SLEEPING with the fishes…” :slight_smile:

Why do you suppose the image of actual cheese pops into my mind when you said that? Guess I’m just weird…

“Hey baby, are you lookin’ for a Gouda time? Wanna Head up to my Swiss Cottage?”

Behold the power of Cheese. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Yes, I know that was horrible.)

My girlfriend was born and raised on a farm. I learned very quickly not to mock farmers - learned the hard way, I’m sad to say. However, I haven’t yet brought up the farmer’s daughter series of jokes, which is probably an indication of my remarkable self-preservation skills.

Two short months and we’re heading down to the family farm for me to Meet Her Parents. That’s terror for me…

Oh boy SexyWriter do I know how you feel! I Grew up in South Africa, and on returning to the UK was asked questions by normal intelligent {looking} people, such as: {this is true}
“Did Lions and Tigers roam the streets where you lived”? (this is before you infrorm them you do not get tigers in Africa.)
“Did you have shops like we do or did you grow all your own food”? {I jest not} :eek:
I could go on, but I wont :smiley:

Farms. (And nothing but!) But no one lives there. They commute.


How about… right there! How was that?

Sorry if that is not good enough, but I am doing this blind and long distance. I am much better in person. Really. :wink:


That was beyond horrible. I liked it. :slight_smile:

On the other side of the coin…

I live in Montana, and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve met someone while I’m traveling, told them where I’m from, and gotten in reponse:

“Oh, Montana! Do you live on a ranch?”

[heavy sarcasm] Oh, yes. Everyone in Montana (all 1 million of us) lives on ranches. No one lives in town (especially Missoula, which has about 40,000 people). I have sheep in the back yard. Yes, you’re right. We’re all just rural types up here. [/heavy sarcasm]

I mean, come ON!! Some of us drive vehicles other than pickups and have office-related jobs, just like you!

Sorry for the rant, but this has been building for a while.

I suppose I might fall into the ignorant category. I grew up in a middling sized city and went to Christmas dance in high school one year with a girl who lived on a farm. A most frustrating evening, couldn’t keep a conversation going. At one point, having noticed pine trees on the farm, I asked “Do you grow your own Christmas tree on the farm?”

Maybe, like Ms. Writer, she had been asked stupid farm questions one too many times, because she responded “A) We have trees on the farm. B) We don’t cut them down. C) We have an artificial tree.”
On the flip side, I have been asked on more than on occasion, “Are you always that tall?”

How tall are you? Do you play basketball? How’s the weather up there?

Any I missed?

6’ 3". Nope really lousy at it. Same as down there only a little less oxygen. Any more questions?

You’re not talking to me? Sorry, never mind.:o

I for one was raised on a farm in Central Indiana. We raised Angus for show and also beef, and rotated corn, soybeans and hay to keeps the fields healthy. My mother won 2 dozen competitions for showing cattle, Grand Champions and Reserve Grand titles (Which in the real world equates to you selling your cattle at twice the average rate, because you are smart enough to breed the weaknesses out of the line, and raise animals that weigh in 30-40% heavier, with better meat).

I have heard all the jokes about farmers etc. etc. but it takes hardworking intelligent people to make a go of it, and to make a profit. Especially with corporate farming just KILLING prices on the open market due to massive volume production. I have tended cattle, bailed hay, built a barn, etc. etc. but the WORST job on the farm is cleaning out the grain silo after a particularly wet season. The stench from that makes a morgue in rural Ethiopia seem like Club Med by comparison.


Vidi Vici Veni!

Duh… it is KEEP

In regards to the OP…

Ellie May will forever be a name for hottie’s. You can thank whoever brain-stormed the Clampett family for that.


I understand your frustration at people being ignorant of their surroundings and asking stupid questions like the one in the OP, but you have to realize, even educated people are not always aware of the rural truths that you hold self-evident. I’ve been living in Hungary, and every time I go back to the States, I get some ignorant comment from a college-educated person which just amazes me. People place Budapest in: Russia, Turkey, India, Romania, etc. And the amount of Hungary/hungry puns that have been attempted make me want to vomit. Do I have electricity? Do people ride horses and carriages in the street? This isn’t the third world, I think to myself.

But why would they know any better? Average Joe in Chicago isn’t interested in Budapest any more than he’s interested in farms, for instance. When we don’t know, we obviously rely on our stereotypes of farms and foreign countries that we’ve gotten from TV or literature or wherever. My mother grew up on a farm in Poland, and it’s exactly the kind of farm your physician acquaintance described. Dogs, hens, horses, cows, pigs, rabbits, cats. No sheep, though.

I know it’s frustrating to get these questions, and they annoy me too, but it’s better to use the op to educate people, and not make them feel stupid at the same time, because this is not part of their reality, whether I or you like it or not.

Okay, first of all, I was really only joking. I think I already stated that I’m not particularly offended by these questions. I just find them curious and amusing.

Second, the difference you’re overlooking here is that if you live in the Chicago suburbs, you can be approximately 3 miles from the nearest farm. Chicago is located in a huge agricultural mecca. I’m not trying to say it’s okay for people to be so culturally illiterate that they have no idea where Budapest is. But it’s hardly the same as the fact that they have no idea what goes on next door.

Ditto for the fact that farms in Poland may fit this stereotype. The people I hang out with have no chance to see what farms in Poland are like. They could, however, open their eyes while they’re driving from one suburb to another.


I had a strange mismatch of reactions to where I grew up. I grew up in Jefferson City, MO, a town of about 34,000. It is surrounded by farms of various sorts (corn, soybeans and meat) The single local high school had about 2400 people, because it relied heavily on bussing people from said surrounding farms. I lived in the city (my dad was a lobbyist with the state government there) and was considered a “city kid” because I had never milked a cow, blown apart small animals, ridden a tractor, etc.

Flash forward to 9 years (geez, is it that long) when I move to Chicago. Now I am considered a farm boy. The questions I get aren’t as stupid as some of the above, but they still assume that I know about tractors, cows, hunting, etc.

So, anyway, this travelling salesman’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, so he walks to a nearby farmhouse to ask if they can put him up for the night. The farmer says “Sure, but I gotta warn you, I don’t have any daughters.” (Insert rimshot here)

I didn’t mean to imply that you were offended. In fact, you did explicitly state in a post that your aren’t. It is curious and funny that people ask these silly questions, and I would prefer that people weren’t so ignorant to their surroundings. But not everyone is naturally curious about their world as, say, the people on this board are. It really amazes me, and I don’t want to make excuses for them, but judging from their point of view, I can somewhat understand.

In the same token, what do people living in Chicago really know about what’s going on in Englewood or Cabrini Green? Heck, the Gold Coast and Cabrini Green are maybe 2 miles away from each other, yet what would I know about what’s going on there? It’s not part of my reality, so I don’t know. Are gang bangers constantly shooting each other and smoking crack 24-7 in the buildings?

Granted, you could point out there is a difference between a farm and a housing project, but I think the parallel is valid. It’s still next door.