Did you know anyone teachers in your school that had sex with students?

It seems to be on the news from American media many times but I’ve read that it’s not a new phenomenon by any means and has been going on before the internet and the media got desperate for news.

The question is probably geared towards your high school rather than college.

Not a teacher but the school security guard had an affair with an student during my time in highschool. Was a big scandal, he showed up drunk at the prom.

My high school chemistry teacher married a student after she graduated.

High school track teacher (good looking younger guy, was on the verge of making the U.S. 4x400 relay team the year before) was widely rumored to have slept with one of my better-looking classmates, and was later terminated under a cloud of suspicion. So I’m assuming it was true.

Two of my favorite high school teachers had sex with students. One male teacher, one female. 1979. It was not a well kept secret.

Then seventeen year old student claimed consensual sex with my middle school science teacher. Teacher denied any relationship and no official public response from the school admin. Three years later, the teacher was still at the same school and position.

My high school math teacher was fired for having sex with a female student. We all liked him.

None here although, honestly, none of the female instructors in my high school were exactly the material dreams and music videos are made of. They were almost all on the older side as well whereas I see these stories today and the teachers are usually in their 20s. I don’t remember any of my male instructors being talked about and I’m not qualified to rate their hotness so I’m guessing shenanigans were at a minimum.

A recent case around here mentions the teacher using the internet to scope out and potentially groom a student so I’m wondering if modern times does afford more opportunities or ways for this stuff to happen:

One of the students in the year below me dropped out at 16 and immediately announced that she was in a relationship with one of the -married- teachers. Until then, she’d been publicly dating his son.

No-one could actually prove they’d been sleeping together before she turned 16 or quit the school, as age of consent here is 16 normally, with an exception for certain categories, including student/teacher relationships where its age 18, so he kept his job. Would have been about 1999-2000.

In a different way, it nearly happened to a friend of mine, who was a trainee teacher. He’d just got with a new girlfriend, who he’d met at a nightclub, age restricted to 18+. They’d met over the summer, and it was all going pretty well, until he showed up at his first student teacher placement at a local high school and guess who was actually 16 and in his new class? :smack:

There was a case around here with a teacher that was caught sleeping with a student. Police were made aware that something odd was going on with them. When they talked to her, they found a bunch of ‘inappropriate pictures’ on her phone from (and of) him. She, from what I recall, tried to blow it off. Then they found out she had a key to his apartment, but she said it was just to pick stuff up and they were never there together. Eventually they admitted that they had had sex a few times.

However, when the story first showed up, quite a few of his students worked at my store (not that one, though). It’s possible they had only slept together a few times, but it sounds like a lot of her classmates were well aware of something going on for a few years.

I don’t know of any while I was in school, but at our local high school a math teacher was charged with sexting a student. I’m not sure what else was involved but there was more, although I can’t say if there was an actual relationship going on.

Was she actually dating the son, or was that a cover in case anyone asked why her and the teacher seemed so casual around each other.

Ms Perfecto Busto honored her lastnames*, being one of those women some people describe as “Valkirie-like”. Tall, well-built, blonde, blue-eyed… and sadly very bad at explaining math. No known affairs.

In the same grade we had a teacher who had left the priesthood and eventually married a former student, but they’d started dating after he’d asked to be released of his vows. The age difference wasn’t even large enough to be considered scandalous.

  • “Perfect Bust” in case anybody was wondering, no false friends this time! :wink:

Yes. Not going to go into the details.

Yes. In fact my school was notorious for it and two male teachers went to jail for it. One teacher would molest students during school, in class, in front of other students. I saw it with my own eyes as a grade 6 girl. He would ask us to sit on his lap and his hands would go too high or too low. I knew about him so I never sat on his lap.

Another one would be very handsy with the girls in the dark room so we all knew to stay out when he was in there.

The metalwork teacher had sex with grade 9 girls out in his car during school hours. He’s one of the ones who went to jail.

Yes, a classmate in 10th grade had a relationship with the female track coach. She was fired over it. They later married and are still together 20 years later.

The closest we ever came was that there was a girl in my dorm (co-ed honors program dorm) who hooked up with a professor as a freshman, and then was married to the guy by her junior year.

While they were both consenting adults, it sure seemed creepy as hell to the rest of us; the opinions split fairly evenly between “What does she see in that creepy old guy?” or “What business does a guy in his mid-30s have dating an eighteen year old college freshman?”

Yeah, they’d been dating for a year. He was at another school (mine was a girls’ school, he was at the sort-of-partner boys’ school), so I didn’t really know him, just saw him hanging around waiting for her or his Dad sometimes, but we had friends in common. By all accounts he was utterly devastated by it all- his Dad leaving his Mum for his girlfriend. His first real girlfriend at that.

A teacher in my town went to jail after molesting several young children. I never heard about any “more normal” cases like the ones being described in this thread.

Don’t know about sex, but a math teacher (female, maybe 35-40 yo) spent the whole bus return from a school trip to London making out in full view of everybody with one my (male, really attractive) classmate. 10th or 11th grade, not sure.