Did you know this? (Board-related)

That when you’re doing a search, if you want to search more than one forum, all you have to do is click, hold, and drag the left mouse button…and it allows you to select multiple forums.

I knew that. I’m just curious how many others knew that.*

*Maybe on the off chance someone will reply going “Whoa! I never knew that! Thanks, Idle!”

I don’t know what you’re describing. (I’m on a Mac PowerBook.) ‘Click’, I get. ‘Drag the left mouse button’? :confused:

When you’re on the search page. You know how you can select what forum to search in? And the forum you’re searching is highlighted in blue? Well, you can select multiple forums to search in, not just one or all of them (although they have to be forums that are next to each other).

ETA: Here’s a screenshot

Ah. I know you can select multiple adjacent forums (by using the Shift key). I thought you were describing how to select non-adjacent forums (which I can’t do).

Or how about this…didja know this? That after you type a post, all you have to do is hit “Tab” and then “spacebar”.
I’ve been replying that way for years and never know any other way now.
Unless you want to preview…then it’s “tab”, “tab”, “spacebar”.

So shift-click works for adjacent forums. I wonder if ctrl-click works for nonadjacent ones.

Hang on.

Yep! Sure does! :slight_smile:

D’OH! :smack:

I was using the crtl key (for ‘left mouse button’) instead of the Command key.

Whoa! I never knew that! Thanks, Ogre!

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