Did you stay up until midnight your time New Years Eve?

And do you usually stay up?
Give me time to make a poll, 13 options will be on it.

Note that “It depends” in the options that have it means “Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t…it’s different every year”

Yes. For the first time in years.

It’s almost 3:00 AM here. I’m just about to pour another scotch.

Merry new festivus.

Used to stay up but not in the past few years since I had kids. This year I went to bed early and was out cycling by 7am.

Went to bed before midnight. The three of us (me, wife, 5-yr-old child) are tired from recent travel, I’m recovering from a bad cold, and I need to be alert and ready to get stuff done in a couple of days. We’re early-to-bed, early-to-rise types anyway.

Luckily, our town has two fireworks shows – one at 6 PM for kids and sleepyheads like me. And the show is easily visible from our house.

Majority are party people. I should have guessed.

Nope, I slept right through midnight, the ball drop, the fireworks, Dick Clark (he’s still alive, right?), etc.

But, my 15 yo daughter woke me up violently at 12:30 am and demanded that I drive her and her sleep-over friend, *Gentry *(what kind of name is that for a girl?), to the local gas station/convenience store for some snacks. My 13 yo didn’t want to go (too busy playing Mind Craft on her iPhone), but demanded that I get her a caramel frappuccino with 1% milk and extra whip cream (in my day, the only thing gas stations offered was gas and free maps). I was too tired to resist, so off we go.

We get to the store and I look for and find my prize—a $2.29 bag of salted pumpkin seeds (that fulfills my vegetable requirement for the day). I then get my youngest’s frappaccino and head toward the cashier (who’s chatting it up, as usual, with the cute cop who spends more time in the store than out trying to snag criminals). I tell my daughter and Gentry to bring their items to the counter so we can get the hell out of Dodge so we can go home, I can eat my daily ration of vegetables and go back to sleep.

They comply, first putting a couple cans of Amazon Iced Tea on the counter…and following that with 6 other cans of what appeared to be iced tea on the counter…giggling all the time.

The cashier gives me a hard stare. The cop gives me an even harder stare. The cashier says, *“are those girls 18?” *I reply, “nope, not even close…uh…let me guess, those cans they put on the counter contain alcohol, right?” Cashier: *“Yep.” *

Cop shakes his head.

So we leave the gas station/convenience store sans alcoholic beverages but at least with my pumpkin seeds (vegetables are an important part of ones dietary requirements). On the trip back, my daughter pleads, *“dad, please take us to the gas station up the road!” *I replied, “when I was your age, I put a lot more effort into scoring some booze without drawing attention to myself. You failed. Try again in a year or two.”

…I still can’t get back to sleep…

I stayed up. There was a lovely fireworks display at midnight.

We made it until 11:15 P.M. We were both sooooooo sleepy we could barely hold our heads up, so we went to bed. I remember nuttin’ until almost six this mornin’

We’re wusses! :smiley:

I can’t remember the last time I was up at midnight, regardless of the date, but I do recall going to a party within the last 25 years where a bunch of us watched the ball drop. Last night, however, I was asleep before 10.

10 p.m.: Lights out.
12 a.m.: Doggie joins me in the bed, afraid from the gunshots/fireworks.
6:30 a.m.: I believe I’ll make some coffee.

When I was going to bed around 9:00 last night, I could hear that people in one of the houses across the street were having a party, but they weren’t loud enough to keep me from falling asleep about an hour later.

Some fireworks and people shouting “Happy New Year!” woke me up at midnight, but that’s pretty much the usually thing for me at New Year’s and I went back to sleep soon afterwards.

It was at 1:30 am that things got noisy–I assume the same people who were quietly partying before midnight now decided to turn the volume up to share with the whole neighborhood. There was more shouting, not cheerful “Happy New Year!” this time, and the music’s volume went up and down, up and down for at least the next hour and a half, which was when I found some unused airplane earplugs. I couldn’t say what happened after that, but things were quiet when I woke up around 6:00.

I work third shift, and did so last night, so yes… But IMO only technically. (Awake at 7:30 pm, will be up until noon or so.)

Me, too. My daughter got home at around 1:15 so we stayed up and chatted. Asleep by 2.

Went to bed before midnight. Got up after midnight.


Dam smoke alarm batteries. We have 5 of them in our house. And the tone is very close to my tinitius ringing. It was hard to track down which one it was.

I’m taking steroids for an asthma flare-up and bronchitis, so I catch sleep when I can because they make me randomly hyper.

Last night, I felt sleepy around 11:45, so I turned out the lights. It was nice to hear the fireworks over the river while being in my warm bed.
In past years, I’ve gone to bed at 10 pm 12/31, and in other years, I’ve gone to bed at 4:30 am on 1/1. It depends what I’m doing and with whom. :wink:

Watched the fireworks from the top of our 36-story building in central Bangkok. Great view. Went to bed about 1:30am. We always like to see in the new year, be it here or elsewhere.

I crawled in shortly before 10pm local. I sang the traditional “It’s New Years in Greenland right now” song to my wife & went happily & non-boozily to sleep.

I’m all for a drink now and again. The idea of starting every year with a hangover seems … perverse. Not that I didn’t do it a time or three in my mostly-misspent youth. And the idea of going drinking and driving along with a vast horde of amateur drunk drivers is *really *not smart.

My GF and I were up, but man, did we ever do it like a couple of old codgers!

GF took a short nap from 10pm to 11pm. At midnight my GF and I were drinking coffe and the bottle of champagne we bought to make a midnight toast remained in the fridge, unopened. :smack:

I’ve got a terrible chest cold this year so I took some medicine and was out like a light by 11:00 (got to see the east coast ring in the new year, at least). I usually find a party somewhere to celebrate but not this year, no way.