Did you take your kids trick or treating? Did you trick or treat FOR your kids?

Ok, to be fair, this only happened once last evening. This gal came to the door with one kid (about 6) and she had THREE extra pumpkin buckets with her, for the kids in the car. One was too tired (she said he was one YO) and the other two were TOO COLD!
I lightheartedly suggested she call it a night.

After this gal, and seeing at least two dozen cars dropping off and picking up kids for trick or treating, I started wondering just how much fun this really is for ANYBODY.

Oh, well, at least I have a bag of leftover candy.

Well, yes and no… the purpose of the trip was really to show off my son’s absolutely adorable mouse costume to the next-door neighbors. Bricker Jr. is 13 months old, so he wasn’t really up to trick-or-treating. I just carried him to our two closest neighbors; I wasn’t collecting candy.

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We took our kids trick or treating. This year, they did all the work.

Last year, although my one-year-old could walk, I still said ‘trick or treat’ for him and held his pumpkin for him when it got heavy.

I’ve had this happen when I lived closer to the city. Adults would be trick-or-treating for cousins, sick nephews, etc. with nary a child in sight. They can’t all be all telling the truth, but shrug the holiday is more pleasant without questioning everyone on their motives. It’s just a few pennies worth of candy after all.

My real Halloween horror is 15 and 16 year olds dressed up as belly dancers or in skin tight cat suits. I mean really… I’m only human. Could you at least try not to make me feel like an old letch? Maybe send your older sisters over or something.

I stood at the bottom of the steps while my son (an M&M) treated at the doors.
All liked his costume, one asked if he was plain or peanut!

He got 75 pieces.
When we got home (early) he wanted to sit on the porch and hand candy out.
Only 3 people (together) came by.
One said it was his birthday.
I asked him how old he was. He said 17.
Most 17 year olds I used to know, would rather be at a party than trick or treating!

We had one guy come with a group that had a sick kid at home. I made the comment that this was best candy getting scam I’d ever heard. For some reason, he looked really uncomfortable with that. Maybe I was on target?

One Halloween, I had a horrible ear infection and strep throat. My dad went trick or treating for me (with my sister), and brought a stash back for me. I was so greatful. It made a miserable night a bit better.

We had 3 teens come by, not even in costumes. I gave them candy anyway. I was in a good mood.

I ususally take Dominic out, but this year since my husband is in Germany and I wanted to hand out candy, I let him go with some neighbors. My knees are thanking me for it.

Yesterday was the worst Halloween I have ever witnessed in my neighborhood. I have lived here for thirty years and never have I seen so many kids come to my house w/o costumes. I understand if you can’t afford to buy a costume but making one is pretty cheap.

To boot, the turn out was extremely low. I would say that no more than 25 kids came to my door. The first batch were about 13 or 14 and they had no costumes. I made a joke about not having costumes because I figured they were in it for the free candy and they were really outside to hang out. They didn’t pay me no mind and went on there way to the next house.

Then later on in the night a group of 5 or so kids no older than 11 all came to the house w/o costumes. What the Hell!! They are in their prime trick or treating years. Don’t they want to dress up anymore?

Hey, why would someone ToT for a 1 year old? That sounds a bit suspicious to me. You are feeding a 1 y/o candy? IANA Parent but I can’t see giving candy to someone that young. Geez, let the kid get all his/her baby teeth before you give them cavities.

I held my 2yo’s bag for him, but he walked to all the houses with me. Our neighborhood sucks, only about 1 in 8 houses were participating. We don’t have a lot of kids in our neighborhood either, so its not like you’d have to break the bank to buy enough candy.

Sorry, but our policy has always been strict; no costume, no candy. Costumes are part of the contract.

I took my daughter who was a Red Dragon, and my nephew who was a Pirate, they are both 5 Y.O., I took them out for Safety, and they did all the work. I dressed up as a Sorceress and get Treats as well.

When people show up without a costume, I ask them what they are supposed to be. If they come up with a funny response, I give them candy, if not, none.

My rule is that the older you are, the better costume you should have. If I see a 17y/o around, they better be dressed as Death himself to get props from me.

A few years ago, a couple trick-or-treated with their newborn! That irritated me. Luckily, I had gotten some Gerber fruit snacks for the younger trick-or-treaters, so they got those instead of the good candy I had.

Yesterday I saw two absolutely adorable 11-month olds dressed as a cow and a frog. Of course, the parents didn’t give the kids the candy, it was a show off the baby to friends and neighbors moment. They were too cute for words (as I’m sure Bricker Jr., the mouse was.) I’ve no problem with that at all.

Yesterday I saw two absolutely adorable 11-month olds dressed as a cow and a frog. Of course, the parents didn’t give the kids the candy, it was a show off the baby to friends and neighbors moment. They were too cute for words (as I’m sure Bricker Jr., the mouse was.) I’ve no problem with that at all.

My lovely wife, Moxmaiden on the boards, has announced this as her stance as well. On our way home from a costume contest at the local mall we were talking about the fact that we’d be home in time for trick-or-treaters to come by. She said she was going to turn away people who came to the door without costumes. She even admonished me to do the same and was angry with me when I told her I’d use my own judgement as to who got candy if it were me opening the door. She got quite angry that I didn’t feel as strongly about the no costume = no candy position.

Spineless jellyfish is what she became once the doors opened. Even a full group of what she described as 16+ year olds with no costumes got stuff. Out of about three dozen trick-or-treaters through the night probably a third of them were the no-costume variety. Of the ones that came to the door on my watch, they got nothing. So hon, if you’re reading this, this one’s for you :wally


This year was one of the quietest Halloweens we’ve had in years. I don’t think we had 25 kids (not groups, but total kids) all day. It might have been the weather, it was pretty cold here last night. No non-costumes, a few really cute little kids, and one father who didn’t come up the stairs with his kids but looked like he was wearing a long white wig. One or two kids asked for extra candy “for my sister” and considering the amount of candy I had bought I was pretty generous to everyone.

I had a trio of witches/vampires/goth girls in low-cut black dresses who made me wish I was a lot younger.

They got a lot of candy. :wink:

I walked around the neighborhood with my daughters (8 and 10), and stood on the sidewalk while they went to the doors. They got a pretty good haul! We got our picture taken as well, all of us in our costumes.

The depressing part for me was after we got back. I was on door-duty, and some teenagers dressed in camo and with camo face paint came and said trick or treat and got some candy. Their costumes were good enough that I couldn’t tell what they looked like under the gear and the makeup. Then (according to my next-door neighbor, I didn’t see this part), they went across the street and smashed some of the really nicely-carved pumpkins at a house just down the street. That shit pisses me off. Makes me wish I got a better look at them.

I’m 33.

I have no children.

I was seriously tempted to go out trick-or-treating last night.

The problem? I was dressed as a flapper, and decided I didn’t particularly want to deal with people’s jokes about “trick” instead of treat TYVM.

Wish I’d thought of the “sick kid” thing, though.

“Yeah, that’s right, I’m, um, trick-or-treating for my nephew* Bobby who couldn’t come out tonight**.”

*not my blood relative.
**Because he lives about 100 miles away from here.

:wink: <—for the humor impaired.