Trick or Treating with your Child

Did you parents, who took your children Trick ot Treating, go out in costume? And did people give you candy, because you were in costume also?

I went as a Zombie Mom and yeah I did get alot of candy last night. Everyone kept saying “Since Mom dressed up she gets something too.” Actually I just dressed up because otherwise my daughter wouldn’t have allowed me to put make-up on her, we had to do it together. I saw alot of other parents dressed up and I handed them all candy.

I took my two younger kids trick or treating last night; I was not in costume. But, when I was in my early 20’s, I used to enjoy dressing in costume and taking my neices/nephews out trick or treating. On those occasions, I was offered candy by some of the people giving it out. I always turned it down (I tried to have a clever/humorous line with which to do this; the year I was a vampire, and offer of candy would be met with a heavy “Transylvanian” accent and “No. I prefer bloody mary’s”). To me, the candy is for the kids. Of course, when we got home, I would check the candy of all the kids I had taken, and take for myself a “checker’s fee” of one piece of candy from each bag. Until this year (because I no longer eat candy), I did the same with my own kids.

Until last year, I always took my daughter trick-or-treating, and always in costume. For me, it was mainly just an excuse to wear a costume. I always carried a full bucket or basket of candy with me, too, so I could hand out candy on my way. Now that my little one is a Terrible Teen, she and her pals go out together without a grownup directly supervising, although we have a discreet Mommy Network the kids don’t know about - they start out together from one house, and there are always at least three of us whose homes are checkpoints. This way they’re supervised, but they think they’re big and brave and on their own.

Whoever “hosts” does the candy checks, and each of us has our own “checker’s fee” as norinew so aptly describes it. I get the Payday bars; others in the Mommy Network take Raisinets, Whoppers and Junior Mints.

Now that my daughter is three, we get dressed up together. We were both Rennaisance wenches (she didn’t want to wear her witches hat and without it, she looked wenchy). I got some candy but I just enjoy dressing up and taking her out. She’s not a big candy fan but she likes the activity and people watching.

My policy: If they have a bag, they get a snickers.

– Shawn K.