Did you turn into your father/mother?

Something I’ve heard all the time. That kids eventually turn into their parents. Try as they might, try as hard as they can not to, it winds up happening anyway.

I was in denial for years, but now I have to face the facts…I am just like my father was. It really snuck up on be subtle-like, but it did nonetheless. And I don’t consider it a good thing. Sometimes it can/may be. Sometimes you may not mind being like your father/mother or it may be an okay thing, at least. But my father had a temper…and as of late (late being the last 4 years or so) I find myself getting angrier and more stressed out at things easier.
What about you? Are you or have you turned into your father or mother (depending on your gender, obviously)? Are you in danger of it?
And is this something you greatly mind or no? Is it an all right thing if you do or something bad that you should avoid at all costs?

For polling purposes, I have given four choices to pick from above. A, B, C, and D. Please choose whatever one fits closest. The poll is private. And feel free to reply, of course, weighing in. Inquiring minds want to hear opinions and personal experiences. :slight_smile:
A is the first option and D is the last.
So for me it’s B.

No, it doesn’t depend on gender. I have, somewhat, turned into my grandfather, without the racism and sexism.

My dad-most definitely not. I realized from a pretty early age that my adoptive father wasn’t like me at all, which for awhile was a source of pain to me (and to him). Once I started noticing that both his father and himself were heavy drinkers, I vowed never to let myself become one myself-and liquor of any sort has been a very rare substance to pass my lips. He was a doctor, while blood made me faint (and still wigs me out a little-“No, I don’t plan to be a doctor like my daddy thank you”). Oh, and he was an ENTJ, while I’m an INFP, fwiw.

My mom: I guess I picked up on some of her emotionality, but other than that there’s not much left there that’s similar at all (soap opera fanatic and trashy novel reader vs. science nut & scf-fi/fantasy reader: she’s only now at age 77 learning how to use a computer).


Seems kind of unavoidable. Bad people make bad parents, and consequently raise equally defective kids. Garbage in garbage out, that sort of thing.

No. I have not smoked and drank myself to death nor have I made a living by signing up for government handouts.

Good point.

I completely turned into my mother, and just when I think it’s over, I’ll catch myself doing some other kooky thing that I swore for years I’d never do.

As much as I will bemoan the goofiness of many of the habits and mannerisms I picked up from my mom, she’s really awesome and I can only hope I end up with a fraction of her great qualities and accomplishments.

No, not so much. I loved my dad, but we were nothing alike. In fact, if there weren’t so much familial resemblance I would have sworn I was adopted.

Both of my parents were artists, and so am I. My art goes in a totally different direction than either of theirs . . . and yet, if you know that they were my parents, you can spot certain similarities. As far as general personalities are concerned, sometimes I find myself emulating my father . . . in some respects that’s a good thing; in other respects it’s not good at all.

I’ve followed in my mom’s footsteps a bit, as both of us are teachers, and I did inherit some of her personality, which isn’t a bad thing. Both of us give off tough-as-nails impressions to those who don’t know us very well, but we’re actually complete softies at heart.

I did inherit my dad’s temper, though, which means that when I get mad I am so blinded by my rage that I have to physically express my anger before I can calm down. That isn’t too often though, and I always lock myself in my room before I start hurling things around.

Lord, I hope not! One of my lifelong objectives is Not Becoming My Mother (so far I’ve got a good track record. I think). I definitely have more hair than my father. I like to believe that I’m more open minded and have a much more “laissez faire” attitude than either one.

I’ve got some things which I know are from her, and some which I know are from him (mostly good stuff, which is nice), but I also have a lot of bad memories of growing up in their house and like I said, I try to avoid being as… painful… for anybody as they were for me.

Hmmm…hard to answer. I’ve definitely picked up a lot of values from my parents, but we are extremely different personalities and temperments.

I’m a lot more intellectual and geeky than them. I like talking about concepts and ideas and the future and what could be. They like talking about the weather, what their kids and grandkids are up to, (and particularly for my mother) what their friends are up to, who’s not talking to who, that sort of thing.

But I see a lot of similarity in values. My parents are honest people with a hard working ethic who enjoy a good laugh and time with good friends. In those aspects, I am the same as them.