Did you vote? Was it busy?

I just got back. Was stunned at the difference between this year and presidential year. I walked in and immediately got to vote - no line at all.

Yes. No.

ETA: Should clarify - there was a line, but only maybe 10 people. I was voter #72 voting at 7am (polls open at 6, IIRC).

Ours was busy for a midterm election, but not as busy as the 2008 election, which was packed. I was the 145th person to vote at about 9 a.m. There was no line, but I took the last open booth, out of about 10 available.

I was voter #3. People were in line waiting when I left at 7:07.

I was the first. Perhaps a dozen were in line for the door to open at 7:30, but the room was already full when I left.

I was voter 81, I think, at 8:30 this morning. There were a few other people voting, but no line.

Voted at 7:30 on my way to work. No line…there was one voter voting when I got there and a different voter voting when I left. Very small precinct: one electronic voting machine and three paper ballot stands.

I was voter 238 at 9:30am. No line whatsoever. This is very comparable to the last two times I voted.

I voted at 7:30AM and there was no line. The polling place had 8 or 10 voting machines up and all but one were in use.

Our precinct has 16 machines, one of which is only used by voters in wheelchairs or with other similar needs. 15 of the machines were in constant use the whole time I was there. I waited behind about half a dozen people. There were between four and six people waiting the whole time, but not the same people. By that I mean that people were arriving at roughly the same rate people were voting.

I voted at 7:15. I chatted with one of the poll workers. She told me that there’s typically a morning peak closer to 8:00am, and they expect the real rush after 5:00pm.

There was a short line here at about 7:30, about a dozen people. Nothing like 2008 when I voted early and stood on line for almost two hours.

I voted early a couple of times last week, again this morning and will probably hit the polls on my way home.

I was #2 for my precinct at about 6:45. The pollworker told me that #1 had been waiting outside the door before they opened at 6:30. I didn’t have to wait in line but there was a fair amount of traffic in the parking lot. My polling place is shared by 2 precincts, and I didn’t notice if the other precinct had a line.

Yes, vote early and often! :slight_smile:

I voted absentee over a week ago. The only line was my beagles wanting to know what i was doing. I shielded my ballot because it is private.

Voted. I’ve never seen a particularly long line at my local polling place… it seemed a bit shorter than average.

Well, beagles can be very snoopy.

Voted around 9am.
Waited briefly behind one guy, all 6 stations in use.

Fewer people than in the primary election but this being DC, that isn’t surprising. The primary is where the mayor really gets chosen as well as most of the council races, so this isn’t unusual.

Far fewer people than in 2008, but I expected that. There were six people voting when I was there.

Voted around 11:00 AM, and it was very, very busy at the local polling station (three precincts).

Paper ballot. The last time I voted in New York, I used a massive mechanical voting machine from the 1950s.

It was neat to see electoral fusion, along with the Rent Is Too Damn High party on the ballot.