Did your parents lie to you?

I’m quite sure I lied to them more then they lied to me.

We had to give away our dog Lady when I was a kid, supposedly because my sister was afraid of her. I resented my sister for years because of that. Turns out a neighborhood dog got into our yard when Lady was in heat. With three kids under 5, Mom didn’t need a pregnant dog, so they found someone to take her.

I wonder if I might have gotten along better with my sister if it hadn’t been for the dog lie…

Let’s see… my parents told me my aunt was temporarily living with some woman because her house had been damaged by Hurricane Andrew. Maybe it was, but my aunt is a lesbian. :smack: To be fair to them, I was 10.

My parents didn’t lie to me a couple of years ago when my grandfather had prostate cancer. They just didn’t tell me. I still don’t know what they were thinking. It was obviously caught early and it must’ve been clear that he would be fine. But I don’t think I heard about it until my mother mentioned to me that her father had chemo recently or something. I was in college. Did she think I couldn’t handle it?

Speaking of a stash, WhyNot, that’s one thing my father didn’t lie to me about. He didn’t tell me on his own, and I doubt he would have told me when he did if I hadn’t asked him ‘is that pot I found in your desk,’ but to his credit he didn’t lie about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Katronia: Carrots help with your night vision. Or at least that was true last I knew. I eat them anyway- it’s not like it matters, I’ve worn glasses since the second grade.

My parents wasted many years of my life filling my head full of religious nonsense. That’s time wasted out of my life that I will never be able to use to do something productive.

I’m pretty sure there actually is such a law in some states, including Minnesota and California. Not sure why.

Anyway, when I was little my parents told me the Ritalin I took was to ‘clear my head’.

Geez. My parents never lied to me about that stuff. Course, since I’m still with them, they prolly are lying to me about a bunch of stuff that they haven’t confessed yet.

The whole tooth fairy story. Ok, so it’s a common thing, and not that interesting. However, the way I found out it was a lie is a cute story (and one of FCM’s favorites)

At one point in my life I became curious if my parents were playing the part of the tooth fairy - probably from conversations with friends. So I decided to give them The Ultimate Test. One day I lost a tooth while was at school (I think), and didn’t tell my parents about it. (I was a devious child) I put it under my pillow that night and of course when I woke up the next morning, there wasn’t the usual dollar bill. Just the tooth. Obviously the tooth fairy wasn’t real, becasue if she/he were, then there would have been a dollar there reguardless of whether or not I told my parents (why do they have to know everything anyway?) So the next morning, I went up to them with the tooth in hand and said something to the effect of “Last night I gave you The Ultimate Test” and proceeded to tell them the whole story. It wasn’t until later that I was dumb for doing that. I cheated myself out of money! If I had thought it through, then I would have given them The Ultimate Test, not told them until years later, and collect on the cash.

And my grandmother lied to my face once, but when I found out, I wasn’t too offended. I was out shopping with her, and she bought two beach towels with Miss Piggy on them. I had my eye on them. I wanted her to buy one for me! I asked her why she was buying two of the exat same towel, and she said they were both for my cousin, Ashley. I was rather upset because I wanted one of them! A short time later (I think it was my birthday) I opened up a package from her and it was one of the towels. Then I figured it all out. She was just trying to be devious.

My problem is that I’m just too trusting, so my parents probably did lie to me about some small things, and I still believe them. LOL

My mom told me that eating raw potatoes would give me worms. I’m scarred for life.

When I was younger (much younger) we used to go visit my grandparents in Florida every winter. My father told me that when we were in Florida, I was a year older. :confused:

One of my earliest memories is telling a stranger by the pool that in New York I was four years old, but here in Florida, I’m five.

Zev Steinhardt

Once I figured out the tooth fairy thing, I’d just take the tooth to my mum and ask for money. :smiley:

My parents told me our cat ran away. In reality he used to get in a lot of cat fights and had these big sores all over his body. He would lick off the medicine. I guess they had him put to sleep but told me he ran away. Then awhile later we moved to another state. I used to cry at night thinking about the cat trying to find its way home and not being able to find us. I think the truth is better.

When I was a senior in high school they told me that we had to move from Maryland (outside of DC) to Austin because I wanted to go to college. If we stayed in Maryland they could only afford to send me to community college. So, because of me, we moved to Texas. (They always raised us to plan to go to college, by the way.) I believed this for years. In their defense, I went to a pretty expensive school and they paid for it…

A few years ago my mom confessed to me that in reality my dad was bored with his job and wanted to move to Austin. We moved right after Thanksgiving my senior year. So I had to make new friends (this doesn’t happen in 12th grade), I didn’t get to do any of the fun senior stuff.

The last time they visited she kept apologizing to me for it. (I’m 45–too late.) She started crying and said, “I tried to be a good mother.”

I try to reassure her, but there are no words to make her feel like it was okay. Well, it wasn’t really okay, but I lie to try to make her feel better.


As I child, I was very sick, and frequently hospitalized. I was very sick several times, to the point where I couldn’t eat solid food. One time after such an episode, the first food I was given was peas. Ever since then, they have been my favorite vegetable.

Once, my parents wanted me to eat lima beans. They told me they were peas. I told them they didn’t look like peas. They said, “Oh, that’s because the can got crushed.” I wasn’t convinced, and never did have to eat them… :smiley:

My Sunday school teacher told me to honor my father and mother. When Dad told me I was clumsy and a weakling, I accepted it. When Dad told me I was slow (he called me by actor Stepin Fetchit’s name, and I didn’t understand the insult until years later,) I accepted it, and I was drenched in shame.

When Dad told me, after a news story about religious descrimination, that it was wrong to hate people for going to a different church, I was proud to take that position. Different did not mean bad. After Dad died, I learned he didn’t like Jews, and he hated blacks. He hid that from me, his whole life. He taught me to be an anti-bigot in spite of his own bigotry! It was one of the few good things he ever taught me, and I still don’t know why. Right now I’m shedding tears about his decision, even though he was a complete jerk in every other part of fatherhood.

My mother told me I was born two months premature.

Now, my sister was an Rh baby, and she was born a month premature, and it was touch and go with her for awhile. (Or so I’ve been told. I was barely three when she was born.)

I asked my mother if my sister was so sick being born one month premature, how come I wasn’t being two months premature.

She just kind of flapped her hand at me and changed the subject.

I finally came out and asked her if she was pregnant with me when she got married. She said yes. I was so annoyed with her for lying to me about that.

So, when my son was born a month premature :wink: I promised myself that I would tell him the truth…that Ivylad and I were engaged to be married and he was a surprise.

You know what they say…the first baby can come at any time. The second takes nine months.

So I’m guessing you were one of those 8-pound preemies? :smiley:

Well, not quite 8 lbs, but this was 30 some-odd years ago, and I don’t know why it took so long for me to figure it out. I was in high school before I realized that 2 + 2 does not equal 5.

I understand, the taboo for pre-marital sex was stronger back then, but finding out what you thought was a fundamental fact of your existence was a lie can be somewhat disconcerting.

Of course we don’t lie to you… You really are our favorite daughter!


My dad told me taking aspirin when I didn’t have a headache would kill me! I was about 5 at the time.

I got told taking any medication when I wasn’t ill could kill me. I’m pretty sure they told me this so I wouldn’t try and skip school by saying I was ill.