Didja know that several bashes to the mouse

and it is still working

Husband pissed me off and boy did I bash that mouse on the desk, at least 5 times…takes a hitting and keeps on clicking

The “husbands head” was the desk-I think my hand hurts now.
Going to be another hour before I can get out of here, does he think he is going? Yeah but no…not, never ever today!


Violent destruction of property and assault sounds like a great way to deal with anger issues! Your husband’s a lucky guy.

I clicked in wondering if this was a masturbation thread.

I did that to a phone when a boy pissed me off once. Sometimes the heat of my anger scares me.

Almost, but not quite, word salad. Wow. One is … surprised.

Good reply, very understandable!

sidles away from WildBlueYonder trying look unobtrusive

this is a little scary. Glad my wife is only armed with a pistol. Death by blunt force electronic accessory is a little … much? I guess the range is more limited though

full sprint for the door

I dont recommend anyone try this, it was done by a professional mouse abuser

When they were corded, I swung them around in the air and bashed them regularly against the wall…lots of satisfaction there…

Them things are out to control all of us!!