Don't blame the hammer.

A combination of bad love affairs and deep self insight have left me with a non-epiphany.
When a man’s beating his hand, and complaining about the pain, don’t blame the hammer.

I thought I’d skip the whinging, and just leave the good part.

Nervous breakdowns get easier with practice, too.

I have nothing constructive to say except that with time it will get better, and since I usually put my foot in my mouth at these times, I’ll try to make you laugh at least.

If you’re beating your hand you’re doing it wrong.

Is that like the ‘What’s the difference between meat and fish?’ joke?
Hell, If you’re doing that with a hammer, you’re doing it WAY wrong. :eek:


You drink white wine with one and red wine with the other? Please fight my ignorance on the difference between meat and fish.

The hammer is my penis.

I thought it was the guy with the giant pants. You know, Caint touch this!

Here is my food for thought on life:

If your spouse locks you out of the house, you don’t have a problem with your door.

If you beat your fish, it dies.

Perhaps it colloquial, but ‘beating your meat’ is slang for masturbation.