Didn't need -- or WANT -- to see your thong, thanks!

I’m not having a good night… my wife is recovering from outpatient surgery, my teeth need work, and my kids are driving me slightly up a wall. We went to the store to get some supplies for the coming weekend. Near the dairy section, I spot her.

She looks like Britney Spears, only about 35 or 40. Normally I think older women (I’m 30) are rather attractive, but this little walking middle-age crisis had on enough makeup to play Cleopatra, a half-shirt that really didn’t suit her one bit, and jeans that were far too tight. Then, to cap it off, she bends over to retrieve something on a bottom shelf, her tight jeans slip down, and I can see quite clearly that she’s wearing a lacy white thong.


First of all, I think thong underwear is kind of gross in the first place. It looks unattractive on most people, and it just looks… uncomfortable. It makes me squirm, honestly, and I’m not a squeamish guy in general.

But on this woman it just looked especially nasty. She was no prize herself, and she was obviously looking for attention. Not from me specifically, I’m sure… just from anyone who’d give it to her.

In style, dress, and behavior, I dub her attention whore. Have a nice night, lady… I’ll be in the back, puking at the sight of you.

Could you come give that speech at my school? Please?

You said it, Lynne_kilii!

At my high school, I see about ten or eleven thongs a day. Some girls even sag their jeans to show off their thongs; I hope butt cleavage isn’t on its way in as far as trends go.

It is bad enough that guys show off their underwear, must girls do it, too?

Believe me, Avalonian, it is just as disgusting when the females in question are 17 years old.

Aye, I believe it. This… thing at the grocery store just had the whole disgusting package going, you know?

But yeah… any girl/woman (or boy/man for that matter) going attention-hunting is just nasty in most cases.

One of my friends is an attention whore. She wears the lowest rise jeans possible, and finds reasons to bend over a lot, exposing her thong. She also takes 2-3 hours to get ready to go out, and she’s always dressed sexy and looks fantastic. Men are helpless under her power, I’ve seen it for myself.

She really is a sweet girl, but I don’t need to see her underwear all the time.

Just so we’re all on the same page, perhaps some photos of the offending parties would be in order? (18 or older only)

Oh the humanity!

I’d be happy to come inspect the disgraceful thongs and preach against the rampant sexuality. Rally the underwear! I want the forces of evil on full display for my crusade.

Somehow I think that if the “offender” was attractive we wouldn’t be seeing this thread. In fact, Im pretty certain of that. Why don’t we just re-title the thread “Damn you ugly lady stay at home with a bag on your head!”?

Oh wait, they’re busy in Iraq. I think we should form a team of inspectors to get to the “bottom” of this!

some words of wisdom.

hipster thongs.

comfy and invisble, the tiniest underwear known to man.

nope. plenty of attractive girls at my school run around more than half naked. It just gets irritating after a while. It’s not a
matter of attractiveness, but of self-respect, and respect for my eyes. if I’m wearing a thong (which I often do) I’ll wear a long enough shirt, or keep my pants pulled up enough so that you don’t see it.

Funny, so I guess I’ll leave it at that and not be bitchy. But suffice it to say that’s not what I meant. Underwear and sex are fine, I just don’t want to see either.
(BTW, how do you do “originally posted by”?)

Heh–who knew that ‘plumber chique’ would ever be hip.

As for underwear I don’t know squat about women’s undergarments but for men it’s boxers baybee. Everything else seems designed to crush the family jewels and lord knows we can’t have that. :wink:

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Sounds like a plan!

I just had a mental picture of a 40 yr old Britney Spears. Can blindness caused by a mental image be permanent?

thong tha-thong thong thong! (sorry, somebody had to do it)

I overheard two colleagues talking about how annoying it is when you can see the tops of people’s thongs. The next day, I happened to see one of those girls bend over and VIOLA. Big ole thong!

I don’t think a lot of thong-wearers know their thongs are showing. Some–probably many–do, but then there’s a clueless contigent who know not what they do.

So THATS how you do it! I always just assumed that everyone coded the “originally posted by…” part themselves. Thats what I always did :smack:

And about the thong thing - I’m a girl, and I occasionally wear thongs. I make sure that my thongs are NOT visible to others. I don’t care if the person in question is a pretty 18-year-old or a fat ugly 40-year-old, I don not want to see a piece of string riding up their ass crack.

Bingo! Just imagine what it was like to be there… or don’t. Blech.

pezpunk, I can only say that you’re wrong. It wasn’t even that she was ugly… without the makeup and the half-shirt and the tight jeans (and I didn’t even mention the bleach-blonde frizzy hair) she may have been pretty, but it was difficult (read: next to impossible) to tell through all the layers.

My main reason for posting this was the thing that put it over the top for me: the thong put on display. Or as roadkiller said:

Yeah, that pretty much summed it up for me.

pexpunk - Count me in as one guy who doesn’t find low rise jeans and thongs attractive… no matter who’s wearing them.

Yeah, I have to agree with monstro about some folks just not knowing their undies are on display. I mean, drawers with a seat to them tend to move in the same way your pants do, so if the pants ride down, the panties usually ride down.

Thongs are a whole different critter. They’re either totally immobile, or they’re moving up when you bend over. (ow, ow, ow!) Even non-lowrises can show your butt-floss in that situation. People just tend not to think about their underwear all day, so they inadvertently put on a show for all of us who don’t want to see it.

Personally, I have a much bigger problem with women who wear pants that ride so low that you can’t help hoping they waxed, or in some cases you can see the front of their underpants. Eeeeewwwwww!!!