Die, Nye, My Darling (Carrie Nye, 1936-2006)

Always liked her, wanted to spend a weekend with her and Dick Cavett to see if I could out-pretentious them . . .

Nice Tallulah reference with the title. A less clever person such as myslef probably would’ve gone with “The End is Nye.”

Hmmm, not much love for the Carrie Nye, huh? Guess she hadn’t worked enough in the past 20 years or so for most people to be familiar with her. Dick Cavett’s back on the market; I had kind of a crush on him 25, 30 years ago . . .

lol @ “out-pretentious them”.

I watched that “Tick Hall” documentary. She got on my nerves in about 1.3 seconds. But I bet they both were/are pissers to party with.


I’ve never found Dick Cavett pretentious.

Nye did play Tallulah Bankhead in the TV movie The Scarlett O’Hara War, in which George Cukor talks her into testing for Gone With the Wind.