What a long and wonderful life she lead. RIP, Ms Tyson

Aw, man, Cloris Leachman yesterday, and Cicely Tyson today!


I know! But you can’t be too distraught. What lives they lead!

First black person to host SNL.
Huh - never knew she was married to Miles Davis.

First black woman. Richard Pryor was the first black person, and several other black men hosted the show before Cicely.

I first saw The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman in class at school, and I was riveted by it.

Ah, thanks.
Double checking who I missed, I came across this interesting article ranking SNL’s black cast members.

(pardon that hijack)

I first saw here here, when I was in jr. high.

I loved the film.

I will always remember her as Miss Jane Pittman. R.I.P.

She was one of his favorite punching bags. Davis was a sick puppy.

Yeah I knew he was a loser in that regard.
Wonderful speaking voice though.