Diet? Shotness of breath w exertion- Heart or Diabetes

Hi, I have Shortness of breath w exertion- Heart or Diabetes?
I recently went on a diet of LOW FAT and Salads for 1 month, and lost 30 lbs.
However I had forgotten that If I eat sweet fruit or any thing with a lot of SUGAR in it, I immediately get VERY short of breath, and if I exert myself at all I become dizzy and MUST sit down and recuperate. (I feel if I didn’t I would pass out.

Have a sugar intolerance?, and what to do about it to NOT have to live the rest of my life without being active at all???
Thanks Ed Johnson

I would get checked out immediately. No Dr here but several friends have complained of shortness of breath and had clogged arteries. They didn’t go the the Dr and paid the price, nothing to fool with.

Medical advice is best suited to IMHO.

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(never mind - Colibri beat me to it)

You lost thirty pounds in a month? That seems like an awful lot to lose that quickly. Is it possible that you’re not eating enough, and that’s why you’re getting dizzy during physical activity?

Shortness of breath is associated with heart, NOT diabetes.

Shortness of breath can also be a sign of asthma.

30lbs of weight loss in a month is unusual, even on a diet.

Bottom line go to a doctor and get checked out. This is not something that can be addressed on a message board.