Difference between an official champion's league football and a replica

So, for Christmas, my nephew wants a “Champion’s league football” . I looked on the net and found out that you can buy an “official” (€ 110) or a “replica” (€25) football.

Both are sold on the same sites, produced by the same company, and look the same to me on pictures, apart from the word “official” printed in small characters on the ball. I couldn’t find any mention about the difference.

Now, I’m willing to pay for the “official” football if there actually is a difference. For instance if the “official” is a good football you can actually play with (my nephew plays soccer a lot) while the replica isn’t an actual football intended to be used, but a rubber thing looking like a football intended for kids or for display. I’m not willing to pay €85 more if the only difference is the word “official” printed on the ball, on the other hand.
I thought about asking my nephew, but a friend currently staying at my place and better versed in “Mrs Manners” issues than I am told me very firmly that I shouldn’t ask, and should figure this out by myself.
So, the teeming millions, and probably more specifically European soccer fans (though I’ve seen similar stuff for other sports, like an official Beijing Olympics handball) are my only hope : does anybody have a clue about the differences (or lack thereof) between an “official” and a “replica” football?

The official, real-deal Champions League ball is covered with thermally bonded polyurethane. The replica is hand-stitched polyurethane, and the cheaper ones are machine-stitched “thermoplastic polyurethane,” which may or may not be a different material from the others.

Thanks. And is this a significant/important difference?

It’s really just the difference between a normal football and “the best football that can be made because € 110 is meaninglesss to a football team”. Since € 110 is rather significant to the fans, they make the cheaper replica.

Honestly, you are supposed to buy the less expensive one for a kid.