Difference between two slang terms for the male anatomy

Hi SD,

At the risk of using foul language, I will refer to these words as d*** and c***.

Do these words have different connotations? Would you use one over the other in certain situations?

For me, personally, I think d*** sounds juvenile, and I prefer to use c*** when, for example, engaging in dirty talk with my wife.

But I asked some others about this, and they disagree. Men, what would you use, and women, which word do you prefer to use?


When was the last time you heard someone call someone else a d*** sucker?

In my experience, “dick” can be neutral and almost as anatomical as “penis”-- it doesn’t have to have a sexual angle (pardon the pun). But “cock” always has some sort of sexual connotation.

Anecdote: a female friend of mine related to me a story of the time she was at a county fair and looking at the roosters. One had an especially resplendent comb. Intending to say “Look at that cock’s comb!” she blurted out “Look at that rooster’s cock!” to the enjoyment of those in the vicinity.

Why is it that no word for the female sexual anatomy has any positive connotation? Even the innocent word “pussy” is considered bad, especially when applied to a male. And what about the female C word and T word?

She’s a brick [da-da-DA-da] HOUSE

I think womb has a positive connotation.

I used to say “puss-puss” for one girl friend who hated “honey pot”. My Thai wife and her female friends call each other “hee”, the Thai word for vagina (I guess, I don’t know if it is a ‘proper’ word or slang).


Dick = penis

Cock = erect penis

This entire conversation gives me the willies.

Good question. The main difference I can think of is that no one ever gets accused of being a cock.

I can’t resist, and I am sorry if you knew it already, but I’m suddenly thinking of Robert Browning and his odd notion that “twat” was an item of clothing worn by nuns.


“Pussy” can have positive* and negative connotations. And most words for any sexual anatomy, male or female, have mostly negative ones. The main one I think often has positive connotations is “balls” as a synonym for courage (although balls can also be negative).

*At least it does for me. :wink:

Don’t know about positive, exactly, but the Swedes have recently come up with “snippa” - a completely neutral, innocent, child-friendly word for vagina. For the longest time, boys have had an equally innocent word for their genitals - “snopp” - and now girls have one, too. 'S all good.

Oh and come to think of it, I seem to recall from reading Hans Peter Duerr many moons ago that among Romani women, at least, the Romani word for vagina can have positive connotations of courage, bravery, daring etc., much as in American English’s “you don’t have the balls to” so-and-so, or “check out the balls on this dude.”

If I’m talking to someone I’m having sex with, and we are talking about sexual things, then “cock” and “cunt” are the only appropriate words and they have no negative connotation in that context. Any other word seems silly and juvenile or clinical and distancing.

“Cunt” is just entirely unsexy to me. It’s an actual turn-off, though not a huge one. Pussy isn’t great, either. But either is preferable to using the term “vagina” for other body parts.

I much prefer c*** when dirty talking with her too. :rolleyes:

“Holy Of Holies”

If I remember the movie correctly she said, “He tried to touch my Holiest of Holies”.


Dick = tinny

Cock = woody

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