Different caffienes hit me different... why?

I drink a staggering amount of Mt. Dew. I know the Master has discussed which soda has the most caffeine, but I have another question…

However, while I can pound a can of Dew and go right to bed, if I have a cup of coffee, I will get wired.

Why is it I can drink a 2 liter bottle of Mt, Dew and have no problems sleeping, etc., but if I drink a cup of coffee I get the shakes and can’t sleep…?

Is there different types of caffiene?

Well, caffiene is a member of group of compounds called hypo-xanthines which have similar pharmacologic effects, but varying potencies. Tea, which is sometimes marketed as “caffiene free” instead contains theophylline, which is more potent than caffiene. However, I would imagine that all softdrinks use pure caffiene so that would not account for the difference. Coffee probably has several related chemicals, one of which you are extremely sensitive to.

I’ve suddenly become extremely sensitive to caffeine in tea and coffee. One cup and my BP goes sky-high, I can feel the heartbeat and it sometimes skips a beat or gives a surge. My doctor says “Hmmm - interesting. Lose weight”. I know I should lose weight, but it’s the sudden onset I’m interested in - I used to drink modest amounts of tea and coffee without effect. Since I stopped all intake, no symptoms. I’m pretty sure its the caffeine, because decaf coffee does nothing.

Sorry, I don’t have an answer. I just thought I’d relate a similar experience.

Caffeine in soda and coffee have only a moderate effect on me, and I don’t notice any difference. But once I took No-doze and I hated it. I was still sleepy, physically, but it made me emotionally agitated - almost how I imagine a mild anxiety attack would feel.

As I think back, maybe stress had something to do with it. But I haven’t used No-doze since, so I don’t know if it was just a fluke.