Different places to have sex

When I was in grad school I had a job doing data entry at night. It was on one floor of an office building, but the rest of the building was empty at night. My then girlfriend also worked there. On our breaks we’d go find a bathroom or empty office on another floor and have sex. I also dated a woman who had a thing about sex in public places which included a Metro car and a couple of other places. She’s now a kindergarten teacher.

In the ruins of the Temple of Karnak in Egypt. Er. . .or so I’ve been told. :o

Oh, sure; as you’re locked in an ever heightening ecstasy, a mist slowly arises from the crypt and then, at the moment of climax, seeps into the female’s unsuspecting womb in which, slowly, something unspeakably horrible and evil begins to grow and wax in strength!

No thanks. :eek:

We’ve done it a couple of times in the backyard under the moonlight.

More like the after hours parties at the American Library Association Conference. On a more serious note, I don’t recommend having sex at a university library unless it’s a small underfunded place precisely because of the potential security features mentioned above. My library averages a couple of arrests per year because saving sex in the library is such a cliche the staff and the campus police are on the lookout for just such behavior. On a lighter note, not that I am recommending this in anyway, according to overheard student conversations the physical science lab buildings are THE PLACES to sneak into after hours for fooling around; deserted at night with lots of elevated surfaces, sinks, and nobody expects anyone to be getting it on in there.

On the grid about 110 feet above a stage, while the Westchester Philharmonic performed directly below us.

In my car while parked on a side street at the South Street Seaport (NYC), middle of the day one summer. I had to open the sunroof so she wouldn’t keep banging her head.

And it wasn’t exactly P in V intercourse, but I got her off while we sat on a sofa in the display window of a Pottery Barn in a mall.

Aspen Mountain Gondola. At night. In a thunderstorm.

I was once on a date, and she said she needed to stop by her office after dinner. She worked for a small company and had a key to the office. We had sex in her boss’s chair. It was our first date, and the start of a very fun, but all too fleeting, relationship.

I’ve also done it behind the bushes next to a restaurant parking lot, in a hotel pool, on a hotel balcony, and in various cars. All were fun, but these days it’s pretty much the bed or nothing.

Schedule an overnight trip on the Coast Starlight (Amtrak train); don’t bother with their little roomlets, just get seats. After the drinks/snack car has closed, make your way to the bathroom on the lower level. Ignore the people sleeping on the booth cushions because their seats are uncomfortable. Lock the door. Have at it.

Be advised, those bathrooms are not soundproof at all. People sleeping might wake up. People lying down may not have been asleep in the first place.

On a college baseball diamond in the middle of the night, home dugout. Definitely hit an inside-the-park home run that night! :wink:

In the basement of her Mom’s house, while her mom was upstairs.

Down the hall from her mom’s bedroom, while mom was asleep. (Mom may have had selective hearing; but my SO and I were both in our 30s, so we didn’t care!)

In the back room of the office where I worked, after she showed up in a trench coat with nothing on underneath.

Those last three were all with the same woman. sigh. Good times! :smiley:

Um… I’m trying to remember… sheep pasture, various back seats ('61 Mercury Comet, '65 Plymouth Belvedere, ‘68 Mercury station wagon – those are the ones I remember specifically – there might be more) V-berth of a 22’ Catalina sailboat, under a pool table, school bus, manager’s apartment, my ex’s house, breast feeding room of a gym… I haven’t got time to remember more. My wife and I regret passing up the chance on the Coast Starlight to join the Mile Long Club, and we’ve never done it on our scooters.

I worked night shift, campus security for several years as a student, with keys to the campus and had an adventurous girlfriend.

So, lots of places.

Ever gotten laid at the Pentagon? I have. A little quickie in the Basement level, E ring, in a storage room along Corridor 8, with some mousy-looking Navy chick. Not bad.

There was a similar thread a couple of years ago. Someone mentioned they did it in the Smithsonian Museum years ago. My college flame and I did as well but she couldn’t have been the poster - details were different. Find an exhibit that’s closing but not quite, Friday afternoon after the workers have knocked off, dark corner behind some of the columns in an alcove… The lights are dimmed because of the closing - very discrete.

Movie theater, back row. 50,000,000 *Rocky Horror *fans can’t be wrong.

Hmmm… let’s see:

[li]Back seat of many cars[/li][li]Restaurant bathroom[/li][li]Swimming pool[/li][li]Office[/li][li]Mile high club (several times)[/li][li]At a wedding[/li][li]Received oral while driving, gave manual stimulation for her while she was a passenger.[/li][li]Houseboat[/li][/ul]

Any of the driving stuff is a horrible idea.

Discreet manual whilst snuggled under a blanket in practically any public situation, on the other hand, is a beautiful thing.

I came in just to say it. shakes fist

College…music practice rooms

While I was an EMT I was dating one of my work partners. We had sex in our rig half a dozen times, and in crew quarters more times than I could count.

During my stint in a small amusement part I worked graveyard shift maintenance for a while. Usually alone. My gf would come visit me sometimes. Waterslide crash pond, various picnic tables, and various kiddie play areas our favorite was a large rope mesh climbing structure.

A few daylight city park things, if anyone really looked they could probably figure it out but from a couple hundred yards away, who cares. We have a small park almost Nobody goes there… makes for fun adventures.

Sex in the forest is epic:p