Different places to have sex

I’m sure this thread has been done in some form or another but I can’t quite figure out what to search for since “sex” is less than 4 letters. Based on life experience where are the best places to have sex without getting caught? My SO and I are both of age so we’re trying to think of some different places to do the dirty deed but we’d like to shy away from places where we could easily be caught for indecent exposure. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advace!

Well, since somebody’s going to say it anyway…

“That would be in the butt, Bob.”

I’ve heard that people have sucessfully had sex in libraries without getting caught. Also, I know that people in my residence hall regularly screwed in the basement chapel. Bathroom sex might also work if you have one of those bathrooms that only has one toilet and a locking door. The locking door is very important.

Well I guess I should have seen that one coming Already in Use . I think Angel of the Lord figured it out pretty well. Yeah, the keyword there being “locking”! If anyone’s got any other input post away. Thanks

It depends on the model, but what about the back seat of your car? That’s classic! It’s what they were designed for.

Where have you tried, just out of curiosity? I mean, if it’s been strictly bedroom stuff, try a few other simple places around the house/apartment, such as the kitchen, dinning room, and living room. Some of those are wide open, have no locks, and that can add a bit to the whole thing. Spontinaity helps, too. My favorite was once I jumped my ex in her bedroom closet while she was getting ready to head out of town while her roomate and her sister were in the living room watching t.v. It’s closed, it’s dark, it’s cramped, it’s not sound proof, and it’s not that far from everyone. That was really fun.

There’s also the whole oral sex while driving. I’m not quite sure how that would work for performing on the girl, so if anyone’s tried it, give some hints.

No locks, but there’s always miniature golf courses after closing.

Night club bathrooms.

If you live in New Orleans, hey, it’s apparently common to just go at it during your high school English class if you’re feeling really adventurous.

According to Free Enterprise not a good idea.

I’d vote against this one. At least my (limited) experience, not falling off the bed/sofa/whatever is about the extent of motor skills I can hope for when recieving oral. Operating machinery would be ill-advised, at best, and then you have to factor in all the horrid drivers cruising around. In one of Joseph Wambaugh’s books, I’m pretty sure it was Finnegan’s Week, a guy gets in a crash while getting head, and lets just say it was an ugly incident.
Are you looking for places you’re not likely to get caught AND are going to be more exciting, or just somewhere you probably won’t get caught? If it’s the latter, then I’d say the bedroom, or a hotel room would probably be pretty safe. If the former, then I can’t really help. Possibly the backyard? Depending on how close the neighbors are, fences, etc., it could be fairly isolated.

So far it’s been the woods (25 meters from a bicycle path), a beach, an elevator and a stairway, and still we haven’t been caught. I couldn’t give you any advice, though, because we generally just go for it and damn the consequences.

On a concorde, and now you can’t do that unless it’s in a museum, which I guess is two for the price of one.

A golf course at night.

Back of a pickup truck. A high one if you feel exposed.

Hotel balcony (if anyone sees you, you can’t SEE them seeing you).

No. Doesn’t work well with female drivers. Unless you’re a giraffe, and have that eighteen inch long, prehensile tongue. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I was young and vivacious, I had sex with my then boyfriend on the top of batting cage nets, at night. We also had sex in many cemetaries (not on the graves), a football field, up against my house (in the backyard) all at night. Quite exciting and different, we were young and didn’t have a suitable bedroom, so we got pretty creative. If I think of anymore I’ll come back.

On the hood of my car, parked next to a Titan II missile silo about a quarter of a mile down a dirt road from the county line liquor store you have to go to from where I used to live.

No doubt this is true. However, I’d be cautious if I took this option. There are currently a huge number of survaillence cameras in my school library, discretely placed behind those mirrored half-globe things. Although the cameras aren’t “secret,” they are pretty unnoticeable. I didn’t really realize they were there until I noticed all the monitors behind the circulation desk one day. Make the beast with two backs in my school library and you’ll probably be making an amateur porn movie for the student library staff to show at the next frat party.

Unorthodox places where I’ve had sex or where friends of mine have (supposedly) had sex include graveyards, restrooms, changing rooms (like at the clothing store), cars, the park, the ever-popular woods, pools, jacuzzis, and the movie theater. Of course, you have to watch out for the cops or security at some of these places, and of course the people the cops or security is really there for (not all the people in the graveyard at night are there for the sex).

Good luck with your quest!

From Soap:

“I like to do it in different rooms.”

“Isn’t that a little hard on Burt?”

Inside John Malkovich’s head looked like fun.

i’ve had sex in the back seat of a car, in my mom’s back yard, in the closet and on a roof (be sure to put a blanket down, those shingles can hurt).

In the broom closet of the Saint Paul Civic Center just before R.E.M. played.

At the base of a waterfall at night

On a hotel balcony

4th green, Highland Park Golf Course.

6th green, Dellwood Hills Country club

Back seat of a '63 Chrysler, in the middle of White Bear Lake, in January.

Back bench of pontoon boat, in the middle of White Bear Lake, in June, July, and August.

Mile high club.

Conference room table.

Ok NurseCarmen I’ve always wondered how one would manage to get in and out with no one noticing on the air plane. How did that work out exactly?

Flying back from Ireland on a plane that only had about 40 people on it. It was pretty easy really, we were probably nearing Nova Scotia, so most people were napping (Nearly everyone chose to spread out and get a row all to themselves) I went first, and told my SO to follow in a few minutes. I’m pretty sure one flight attendant might have noticed, but only when we were leaving the bathroom. I should have staggered my exit by more than twenty seconds.