Different places to have sex

Kind of figured it had to be a trip in which most people were sleeping. Probably wouldnt be so easy on a 747 with a 100 or so people! Thanks for the reply.

Eh, even then the stick shift really gets in the way. :wink:

Having sex on the skyride at Disney World will get you thrown out of the park.

Having sex on the altar at your church will get you sent to Hell. And no, there were no priests involved.

On the roof of my girlfriend’s mother’s condo, at night, in the rain.

Do you know this from experience tramp?

I got a BJ from my GF while driving. Very cool but I couldn’t shift (I drive a 6 speed) but heck with the engine!

Back seat works well. Mini-van was best, bonneville was good as well. My new Matrix is a little harder because it’s a Corolla with a hatch.

Hotels are easy and very safe. One of the better ones we go to several times a year even boast sound proof rooms!

Outside in various places as well. A skirt and a blanket is all you need. We’ve done it at various play grounds at night as well.

In a changing booth. (Banana Repbulic, the store was crowded and we both wanted to try on clothes so the clerk offered us a booth together, and it had floor to celing walls and door)

In a movie theatre when we were the only people there.

At Disneyland the place to do it is Tom Sawyer Island in the caves.

Playground at night are great. Especially if it is you grade school playground.

Long ago I had sex in a lake. The lake was crowded so we just went to an empty spot. You often see couples hugging or girls wrapped around their boyfriends at the lake so no one even noticed what we were doing. It was thrilling.

When were young, dumb, and didn’t have our own place:

Backseat of a '78 Mustang Ghia (that middle hump is not comfortable! When hubby was still BF

Backseat of a '72 Chevy Nova (got busted by the cops, hubby was literally nude with nothing more than a wallet on his lap. Cop, of course, asked for license)

After we were married:

Mountain meadow after a six mile hike. 100 feet from trail where several hikers passed by. (The grass and flowers were TALL folks!)

Backseat of a '72 Fiat Spider. (Rather uncomfortable)

Shower stall at a truckstop in the Midwest.

Sleeper cab of the semi.

Various hotels.

Various rooms of the house.

I’m frankly amazed at some you guys. Whew!

Besides the usual spots (beds, couches, bathroom floors, floors in general, backseat of a car, etc.), the most interesting place for me would be in my church. I have keys to the building, so one night we swung up to the education wing… ::laugh:: I’m sort of hoping I don’t go to hell for that one.

Office Supply Closet, Roof (well, flat part over the bay-ish window type things… and another part of the roof, which was more of an porch/awning ceiling- neither had shingles- sheet metal), Kitchen counter, couches, bed, carpets, carports, closets, washing machines, showers, tubs, parks, yards, hallway, stairwell, elevator, trampoline, more showers, more tubs…

Or, to read the title a different way…
The mouth, the anus… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since it was mentioned by 1010011010 and I do have my very own trampoline in the back yard, does anyone have any suggestions or comments about having sex there??

Back when I was teaching, I did it in three different classrooms and two different teacher’s lounges.

Had sex and recieved blowjobs while parked on the top of a parking garage.

The wife and I are thinking about going to a hot spring resort one of these days. If so, I’ll look for one that has private outdoor tubs for each room.

Besides the normal protection, wear helmuts, knee and elbow pads.

um… in a tree? It has to be the right tree, but it has a great view and you are well hidden (as long as you avoid late fall or winter). My wife and I still talk about this one.

I’ve tried doing it in public places once or twice and I’m always so nervous I can’t do it. Well, except for once on Mount Royal :wink:

I’m kind of baffled by the tree idea. I guess It really would have to be the right one though in order to get a decent position. Just have to watch out for slivers, lol. I’m still interested in the trampoline idea. Other than ** Zebra’s** suggestions is there anyone else who has tried this? Thanks.

As much as I would like to have had sex in all sorts of exotic locations, way back in 2003, I’m afraid my options were limited.

So out of a mixed bag of spite and jealousy, I’ve reported the previous post as SPAM.

FWIW my wife and I coined the term “river bedding” for the act of fornication in a small stream or river.

… and the post I reported was banished, so that doesn’t refer to rayray5884