Difficult Trivia?

Eight years ago I was listening to an afternoon edition of CBC radio. The DJ at the time decided to post a general trivia question for the day. I however, had to exit the show before the full answer was given to me. Here we go!(don’t quote me on this!)
There are three words in the english language that end in the letters ‘gry’. The first two are: hungry and angry, what’s the third!
My wife seems to think that I’m remembering the question wrong. Kudos to anyone can enlighten me on the real question(and give me the answer)!

Driving through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops boy!

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This is a fascinating question, bradsam.

However, while you ask it in all seriousness, you should know that this question has been asked so many times on this message board that many regulars here will cringe at its appearance yet again.

One of the features this board has is an archive, and a search feature. This allows you to spend a moment searching past columns from Cecil (in which this subject was addressed) as well as past threads on this message board (in which, as I hinted above, this subject has also been addressed, ad nauseum.)

I heartily commend to you the practice of checking these sources before posting a question.

That said, the brief answer to your question is as follows: there is no third common word ending in -gry. This baffles people, because with two words so common and easyily discovered, the idea that there is not a third word is disturbing.

There are, however, a boatload of uncommon words that end in gry. Try out the archive search feture, find Cecil’s columns on the subject, and see for yourself!

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What, did Politeness Man visit the SDMB? Bradsam, you are a lucky man.

My 2¢:

You’ll read stuff about the “original wording” showed that it was a trick question.

I don’t buy it.

No one has ever produced an original cite of this “original wording.” That only showed up after the fact.

I think it was intended all along as a wild goose chase.

I suppose we could recognize gry as a word in and of itself, as a verb whose definition would be posing the -gry question.

As in bradsam gried the board early in his posting career.

Mjollnir, I’ve heard various versions of the “original”, but they all boil down to the same thing. It is a trick question. It is a word game, the old bait-and-switch, confuse them and leave them feeling stupid for not catching the fake out.

Now let’s all flame bradsam for asking the -gry question again. :wink:

Though I can’t blame him for not finding the kazillion threads on it in the boards - that search engine is kaput.

Yeah, that feature is a search engine in name only - it’s more like trying to use a teaspoon to measure the hole left in a bucket of water when you pull your finger out. (huh? did i say that? too much absinthe, i guess)

Here, I’ll give ya difficult trivia: who was the first Tarzan in the movies? Who was originally picked to play the Tin Man? Who played Topper on TV? There, that oughta hold ya for a while.

Those aint tough – those don’t even require a fraction of a second to blink. Elmo Lincoln, Buddy Ebsen, and Leo G. Carroll, respectively.

Unless by “original” tin man, you meant the silent version?

All right then, Dext.

What animal has the longest penis length in proportion to its size?

What nation has the dubious distinction of being the “most bombed place on earth?” (bombs/sq.ft.)

Who was the distributor for Coors beer who also walked on the moon?

The ‘Moderator.’

The ‘Moderator’s’ old dorm room.

Cletus Snow walked on the moon???

This MPSIMS moment has been brought to you by someone who had way too long a day to resist the softball tossed by the first question.

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