Help a newbie..

In the straight dope books, I keep hearing refereneces to the “gry” question. Which makes me wonder… JUST WHAT THE #@^)#^(@ing @(^%*#)^(8 IS THE “GRY” QUESTION?
Erm. Anyway, also, in “The Triumph Of The Straight Dope”, one AOL user named ‘IMSMRTRTNU’ writes in, to which cecil starts his column by replying to it:
URSMRTRNI(you are smarter than I)? DLUR(the hell you are), TRKE.

What’s the TRKE mean? Turkey?

-Th’ JawaTrader

The question is this:

To find the answer go the the search the straight dope archives and type “gry” and select classic and up will come the answer.

I would surmise that the TRKE would indeed be Turkey.


The “gry” question is indeed infamous. From :

Also from

<< What’s the TRKE mean? Turkey? >>

Yes. Turkey.

I won a beer answering the “gry” question in a bar once. I did, of course, tell the guy that asked where I’d gotten the answer from.

from the cecil answer:

i don’t get it…


Hold on to your socks.

If you start at “There” and count three words, you find the 3rd word is “three”. Because in fact this version asks the question what is the third word? The third word in this version is “three”

Make sense?