words that end in -gry

I once heard that there are only three words in the English language that end in gry but I can only think of two, angry and hungry. what’s the third?

Run Cleo! Don’t look back! Just run!

Cleo! Cleo!! Cleo!!! You’re really not helping yourself here. Do you sincerely want to antagonize your newly-found second family? Quick: either follow Ursa’s wise advice or find another topic. Pronto.

P.S.: Thanks in advance for not asking me to explain.

Cleo, what people are trying to tell you (tongue-in-cheek) is that the “gry” question has been asked many times, and answered many times.

One word that would satisfy the answer would be “aggry”.

Somewhere on this site is the full answer to your question, but I’m too lazy to look for it.

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Well, 3 out of 4 ain’t bad…you’re other 3 posts are insightful. Still, I’d invest in asbestos SOMETHING were I you…


ahem YOUR…

sigh what sucks more than being a former English Major and having poor typing skills?


The -gry column

Don’t ask any of these questions.. PLEASE.

Or these, either (There is some overlap).

This is for your own good. You’ll thank us later.

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Okay, okay. I got it. please forgive the rookie.

I think the people who get pissed off over the “-gry” question really need to find something in their life to occupy their time other than this message board. I’ve seen four or five “-gry” postings since I’ve been here and never once have I felt anything remotely close to anger over them. Why the all bitterness and hostility over such picayune bullshit? If you see a thread with “-gry” in its title, why even open it?

Don’t sweat it Cleo, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could’ve been. (Those who’ve been here longer can testify to that.)

Chief Crunch is right, but looking over the posts in this thread, I think the Teeming Millions are beginning to mellow out a bit. No one really got upset. These days when the “gry” question pops up, it seems to elicit bemusement instead.

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A couple of other candidates:

“Hawngry” means “having a really ravenous appetite.”

“Ugry” is a word I’ve heard used by some Japanese friends in referring to people whose physical appearances are less that aesthetically appealing.

Here is a thread that Satan started about 5 months ago, that had a very in depth analysis of the gry riddle. You also find that he took a little beating because it was already a sore spot by then.

And if anyone cites the oft-repeated canard that “Well, originally, the riddle was worded as a trick question, but over time the orginal wording has been corrupted. . . ,” please cite a reference to this with some date.

When the “-gry” question comes up, I keep a-axin’ for it, but never a-gettin’ it.

Anytime I see this question posted, I go straight to it. Why? Because for a question that no one should bother answering at all, there are many more responses than if the question had just been answered again. I’m starting to believe that the answer to the -gry question is “Aaaahhhh, Run away now, you can still save yourself!!!”
I suppose in most cases if NO ONE responded to the question at all, then the troll would just go away.

Whatgry dogry yougry guysgry thinkgry?


Here’s my take on it:

I don’t know the exact numbers, but it looks like there are about 500 people a month joining this board.

We don’t know how long they’ve lurked, or if they happened to not be lurking when the question has come up, or that they’re not familiar with the search engine to look for specific questions (and the search engine had some performance anomalies for a long time).

So, it’s possible that when the “-gry” question comes up, it’s someone who already knows, but is just fishing for a reaction, but it’s also possible that it’s some high school kid who has heard it, and is seeking a sincere answer.

Let’s face it–at one time, none of us knew the answer (well, I did, but I read it in a book–“Words” by Paul Dickson–before I ever heard it IRL). So the neighborly thing is to help them along and send them on their way.

Most posters who post the “-gry” question never post again, so I think they joined just for that reason.

Which brings up the question: Is someone on this board encouraging people to do this?

First of all, I don’t believe that Cleo is a troll…as I mentioned before, he/she has three other decent posts.

Why does the question keep popping up? I’m almost convinced that it’s because of chain-letters. I’ve recently seen two different chain-letters which contain the -Gry riddle, and I only get maybe two or three of the damn things a month.

Truthfully, I think that 90% of the -Gry posts here are innocent posts. Can’t really blame someone for not searching the archives when the search tool is wonky.


Oh this was nothing. See? We don’t snap at all the rookies. Just the ones who post in alternating caps.

Welcome aboard Cleo.

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Mjollnir posted

Kat posted the link above, but here’s how the riddle version went…

To answer the OP, how about ogry? No, wait. That’s just poor spelling. Nevermind :slight_smile:

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Cleo: these slackers have been too merciful-- your invocation of the -gry heresy is unforgivable!

The SD Inquision has tried you in absentia, and you are ordered to report to the Hidden Temple Of Cecil for immediate human sacrifice.

During you human sacrifice, wear loose-fitting , comfortable clothes; carry 3 forms of picture ID; extinguish all smoking materials; avoid eating rutabegas or squash for at least 6 hours before you are disembowled; the yellow zone is for loading -the red zone for unloading only; fill out all forms in black ink only, not blue; and, oh yeah, welcome to the board. :wink:

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