Diff'rent quotes for diff'rent folks

I’ve noticed two sytles of quoting. The “standard” kind performed with [ quote ]

And a more sleek style (but manually created)

The Raven: Nevermore!

Is there an automated way to do the sleek quotes? I like its look better, but I’m always afraid I’ll drop one of the ['s and bugger the whole thing up.

(at the risk of being moved to IMHO) Which way does the majority of Dopers prefer?

I like this kind best:

With this to show continuing quotes from the same person, so you don’t have to re-write the names 1000x.

My preferred method, because it’s easy, and because it’s very very obvious where the quoted material starts and stops.

My only gripe with it is that the quoted persons name doesn’t seem to be picked up by searches.

I do mine like this:

Nature’s Call:

The quoted person’s name does get picked up by searches.

Also, by doing it this way I can embed quotes within quotes.

Tastes of Chocolate:

I use QuicKeys macros so I don’t have to type the brackets and codes. Control-[ creates the start-quote code. Control-] creates the end-quote code. Control-b creates the start-bold code. Control-alt-b creates the end-bold code. Control-i creates the start-italics code. Control-alt-i creates the end-italics code.

There’s always some clever boots showing off!