Digestion problem/question.

I ate some peanut butter on a piece of toast this morning at about 1130. It’s going on 1800 and I’ve been burping up that goddamned peanut butter all freaking day and still am.

So what’s going on? Where is that peanut butter in my system? After almost 7 hours shouldn’t it at least be past my stomach by now?

I otherwise feel fine, and no, I am not allergic to peanuts.

Do you have an esophogeal hernia? Peanut butter is sticky and stays in places other foods may not hang around. WAG.

ETA hiatel hernia


I had my esophagus stretched many years ago, but have no problem with that now. I had a problem with the swallow flipper a bit ago, but it turned out to be a phlegm problem.

These burps are coming right up from my stomach and smell/taste of peanut butter, even though since I’ve eaten other things.

I bet that peanut butter is stuck up higher than you think. Drink something warm.
Or, your stomach is having problems digesting the peanut butter.

Sounds to me like you may have some delayed gastric emptying. May be the result of a passing virus, it may be slowed down by some medication like opioids, clonidine, calcium channel blockers and others, recent alcohol, or other relatively benign cause. Often it just happens. Diabetics often get this too, fancily called gastropareisis, and some get put on meds for it if it’s too severe. It can also be a sign of various neurologic diseases, but I’d not worry about that until/unless it becomes recurrent.

I don’t think it’s likely to be related to the peanut butter being ‘stuck’ anywhere. While not impossible, the fact that you’re doing so much burping makes me think of delayed gastric emptying.

However, I’ve not had the chance to ask you a dozen or more clarifying questions, nor examine you, so I only posit this tentative diagnosis with about 50% confidence.

Yay. The doctor’s in. Throw my crap out and listen to him.

Now that’s how to handle being wrong on the internets :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say, good question/screen name combo.

Hope you feel better. Stomach problems are the worst.

Delayed Gastric Emptying (and upon further research, also called Gastric Stasis or Gastroparesis.) that’s a term I’ve been looking for for a while. And upon even further research I’m not the only one that suffers from the following [sorry, not trying to hijack here].
One of the ways I know I have a migraine coming on is that when it’s my normal time to eat, not only do I feel full from my last meal hours earlier, but I can still feel and hear food sloshing around in my stomach, like that sound a few minutes after you just drank a big glass of water. It appears that it can mess with the absorbtion of oral migraine meds as well. I have a few things that make me say 'this isn’t a normal headache, I need something stronger) and that’s one of them. I should start paying attention to see if that feeling coincides with the times my meds take 2-4 hours to kick in instead of 15-45 minutes. It should, I think, but I’ve never paid attention.

I’ll have to try to remember to bring this up with my neuro next time I see her. I doubt it makes a huge difference, but the more info I can give her the better.

Another reason I wish (non statdose/auto inject) injectable Imitrex wasn’t 20 times more expensive than the pills.

I am nothing if I don’t know my own limits. Hope you feel better pkbites:slight_smile:

Yeah, this was just a one time thing. By the time I went to bed at midnight it was gone. But I know people who claim certain foods do this to them all the time. Cucumbers, green bell peppers and such. What’s going on with them?

Heh. My name is Peter K. Beitz. So my screen name isn’t as cute as it first seems. :wink: