digital camera question

OK so my sister gave me a vivitar V-10 for Xmas. It takes fairly clear pics, but they all are in mostly black and white. Seems all the pics come out as if the Light is all wrong. As if there is no sunlight at all, even though most of the pics I have taken were in daylight with a bright sun.

I understand that it is an inexpensive camera BUT the the samples they show,“supposedly taken with the same type camera” are sharp and colorfull!

I have experimented with all the settings and all the pics seem to come out the same. I can get SOME color with the edit functions but nothing like the samples.

Did they lie to me with the samples or am I doing something wrong?? :confused:

If you read and followed the instructions and your sister kept the receipt, take it back to the store for a refund. The camera should work first time out of the gate without a lot of fiddling.

As a group, we aren’t nearly quick enough to take back shoddy crap.

My post didn’t come out quite the way I intended.

I didn’t mean to say that your sister gave you “shoddy crap” or that the vivitar V-10 can be so described in general. I only mean to say that you might have gotten a faulty item - which happens now and then.

No offence taken David. I was just hoping someone could shed some light on what ,if anything, I had done wrong with the set up.

I understand it is just a point and shoot camera, but even the throw aways at the convenience stores take better pics!!

Would it be possible for you to post some pictures on a website where other readers could see them? That way, we’d get a much better idea what the flaw in the pictures is.

(…wait for it…)

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

I can E-mail some pics… Don’t know how to put em on a web site…

E-mail them to me, jefftroymcclure at sbcglobal dot net. I can post them online.

OK sent em Troy, I also sent some that I have edited… All help would be apreciated!!

Got em- I can UnZip them, but I can’t get into the .cpgz files. Can you resend them unarchived or just a Zip?

I’m on AIM, same name.

Can’t find that model number on the
Vivitar web site.

I looked at the user camera for the V10 here, and it looks like a pretty simple camera. Did you have the environment setting set correctly? That would account for exposure problems.

uh, user manual

We took the camera back and exchanged it. Seems the camera was defective. They exchanged it for an upgraded version of the same camera… I am extremely happy with the new one… Thanks guys/gals for the help!!

I LOVE THIS BOARD!! :smiley: